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UPDATE: Sales of “No Sleeep” so far come to 91,000 digital downloads according to Nielsen.

EARLIER: Janet Jackson, I hope you know some radio people have been working overtime for you.

“No Sleeep” was kind of a drowsy single when it first launched. Not much love at radio. But here’s some good news: the single is number 2 on Urban Adult Contemporary radio, number 31 on regular urban. Billboard has it at number 1 on a chart they call “Adult R&B Songs.”

“No Sleeep” has not found a pillow on top 40, but no artist has over the age of 40, let alone 35. That’s the way it goes these days.

Still, my old friend Phil Quartararo vowed to me he’d get that single moving, and he did. Let that be a lesson to me and to everyone else– you gotta stick with it to make it happen. That extra e in sleep is for excellent work!

Congrats to all.

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  1. Janet, You are Awosome since the day you were born in Gary Indiana, in May 16 1966. You are unbreakable and keep on breaking the records that are unbreakable and you need to stand for the world that is hungry for Rythm Nation. You are the Unbreakable Queen of Pop Not Madoona!! Work in Progress!! MYM Michael Hassen

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