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Bad news is unusual for Marvel, home of “The Avengers,” “X Men,” and “Spider Man” series at Disney, Fox, and Sony respectively. The comic book movie company has had an extraordinary run of successes, even making “Ant Man” into a hit when its launch was a little shaky last month.

But today Marvel braces for a bad weekend with the new “Fantastic Four.” Coming from Fox, “FF” had promise. It stars a bunch of current young actors who are all doing great– Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara. Jamie Bell, and so on.

However, “Fantastic Four” has a staggering 87 negative reviews and only a 9% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Pretty much everyone who’s seen it, hates it.

Director Josh Trank didn’t like it much, either. He Tweeted this, spelling “received” wrong:


Trank isn’t having a very good summer. Last month he left the new Star Wars stand alone movie at Disney/LucasFilms.

Now we wait and see all the stats on how badly “Fantastic Four” does this weekend…

UPDATE: I’m getting a lot of email that this isn’t a Marvel movie. Well, Stan Lee is listed as executive producer, and the Marvel logo appears at the front. Fox does a lot of business with Marvel because of X Men and Wolverine. They are in business together. Marvel wouldn’t let this movie out without its own approval.

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  1. This is dishonest reporting. This movie version of Fantastic Four has FOX stamped all over it. Its connection to Marvel is tenuous. It certainly bears no relation to the Marvel cinematic universe. This is a failure for Josh Trank and 20th Century Fox.

  2. This is a FOX production, not Marvel. The characters movie rights have been owned by FOX for decades. Please don’t try to pin this unmitigated disaster on the wrong party as you don’t even mention FOX in your article. In fact, if you wanted to write a more complete story, you may want to mention that this is the FOURTH attempt at making a Fantastic Four movie by FOX … all of which have been disasters.

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