Home Movies Mission Was Impossible: Rogue Nation Only 2nd Biggest Opening in Franchise History

The mission was impossible, to be the biggest opening in the Mission Impossible series. Rogue Nation comes in second, with $56 million. In 2000, Mission Impossible 2 earned almost $58 million on its opening weekend.

Also factor in ticket prices are higher now, substantially, or were lower in 2000. Then you see the real difference at the box office. Rogue Nation by comparison is inflated. But it’s nothing to sneeze at either. An opening of $56 million is better than anyone expected. So thank Xenu. Hanging from that damn plane was worth it!

The good news for Paramount is that even if Tom’s popularity has slowed in the U.S., abroad he’s still huge. Cruise movies always do really well in South Korea, which prompted a visit there this week. After “The Interview,” South Korea was probably thrilled to see a big star in a movie with no reference to their menacing neighbor.

In other box office news, “Amy”– the documentary about Amy Winehouse, not Amy Schumer’s movie– is up to $6.4 million. “Amy” is from A24, the little studio favored by the National Board of Review this past year with a Best Picture and shared Best Actor for “A Most Violent Year.” The NBR most certainly will give “Amy” Best Documentary and maybe Best Picture, and if Annie Schulhof is really out there this year in her desire to help friends (see my coverage of her interest in A24), Amy Winehouse will get some new award like Best Actress in a Non Fiction Film.

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