Home Celebrity Mission: Possible– HBO Putting Scientology Doc “Going Clear” Back into Theaters

Cue the Lalo Schifrin music. HBO is taking on Tom Cruise in a big way. They’re re-releasing “Going Clear,” Alex Gibney’s Scientology documentary. They’re putting it back into theaters on September 25th, just as “Mission Impossible 5: Rogue Nation” fades from theaters. Or, “MI5” may still be in some theaters.

“Going Clear” fully chronicles Tom Cruise’s crazy alliance and membership in the religious cult. It’s a ballsy move. HBO is owned by Warner Bros. As I’ve said before, this makes the possibility of Tom working at that studio again ever so slight.

Certainly, though, HBO and WB see what’s happening: Leah Remini is everywhere talking about insider stuff at Scientology, Kirstie Alley is being sued, John Travolta may wind up in court soon, too. Cult leader David Miscavige’s father is writing a tell all book. So why not jump back in?

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