Home Movies “Minions” Makes $115.2 Mil, Second Biggest Opening for Animated Film

UPDATE “Minions” finished with $115.2 million, making it the second biggest opening for an animated  film behind “Shrek the Third.”

Earlier, and wrong: “Minions” pulled in $46.2 million last night. Universal Pictures says it’s headed to a $120 million opening weekend. But just passing $104 million, which “Minions” will do– the number for “Shrek” in 20o4– makes it the biggest opening ever for an animated film.

“Minions” is the prequel to “Despicable Me” and “DM2,” which were monster hits for Universal. “Despicable Me” and “Minions” come from Illuminati Entertainment.

“Minions” cost just $75 million. Universal can really celebrate. They’ve had an extraordinary year so far.

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