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A rolling stone gathers no moss. And Keith Richards has no moss. He will go from this summer’s Rolling Stones tour right into the release of his first new solo album in 22 years. “Crosseyed Heart” features a lot of guest artists including the amazing Sarah Dash and late horn player Bobby Keys. The single, called, Trouble, comes next week.

“Crosseyed Heart” does sound like a riff on “Crossfire Hurricane,” from “Jumping Jack Flash.” That title was used for a Stones documentary a few years ago on HBO.

Exclusively, I can tell you that “Crosseyed Heart” may not be just a CD. A full documentary about Keith has been shot and may very well be part of the package. Decisions are being made about that, and about touring to promote the album. I’m told a tour is likely. At the very least, Keith will be promoting the album strongly with lots of appearances around the September 18th release date.

Keith fans, among whom I count myself, are psyched! In the meantime, check out one of his best solo tracks:

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