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Prince took his entire music catalog off all streaming services this week. It looks like he tweeted his unhappiness with streaming on June 25th. (No one noticed?)He’d read an article on the Daily Beast that summed up Spotify’s relationship with the record labels. And then he yanked it all away.

Remember– this is the same Prince who changed his name to a symbol and fought with the old Warner Music Group over ownership of his masters and royalty payments. He re-recorded his whole catalog just to take it away from them. Prince is quite savvy about ownership rights in the music business. That’s how he’s maintained his independence.

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Good for Prince. Tonight I tried to get the 3 month trial membership to AppleMusic. This would have required turning my entire music library over to them to be grilled as little dogs on the iTunes grill. I said no thanks.

Prince also released a cool new track on SoundCloud. Let’s enjoy that.

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