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The NFL has decided to hide information about its executives bloated salaries legally. They’re giving up their federal tax status as a non profit organization, thus removing all transparency about the group. All foundations and charities file Form 990s in which compensation of top execs must be noted.

Last year, there was shock when it came out that in 2012 Roger Goodell, commissioner of the NFL, took home $44 million in salary and bonuses. The year before that Goodell’s salary had been $29 million.

This was after many bungled decisions and scandals including Ray Rice and domestic abuse, and concussions, among other scandals such as deflated footballs.

Goodell isn’t the only wildly overpaid NFL exec. In 2012 as well EVP of Media Steve Bornstein got $26 million. Five other execs also received healthy seven figure salaries.

Goodell, according to Bloomberg News, says he discussed changing the NFL’s tax status with team owners in March. Letters were sent out this month. It’s unclear how this will affect the groups that received money from the NFL Foundation. But it will ensure that the company’s business will no longer be public.

The NFL’s 2014 Form 990 has not yet been made public.

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