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Roger Goodell, commissioner of the National Football League, made $44 million last year. He received a $15 mil increase from 2012. But he couldn’t get his hands on a hotel video of Ray Rice knocking his wife unconscious in a hotel elevator and dragging her out into the hall.

Maybe the NFL isn’t paying its executives enough. Maybe it takes $100 million for an exec to do something.

Goodell wasn’t the only NFL exec who made out last year. Steve Bornstein, Executive Vice President of Media, made $26.5 million.

As I’ve written before, the NFL itself is a LOL not for profit that bills itself as a trade organization. On its most recent Form 990 tax filing, the NFL claimed revenue increased by $75 million from 2012 to 2013. But they gave away approximately $1 million LESS in 2013 to charitable organizations than they had in 2012.

The NFL listed total salaries at $102 million. This means Goodell and Bornstein get more than half the total. Two guys. $66 million.

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  1. I like the way you think Mr. Friedman. My two cents? The NFL was politicized under Mr. Goodell not because it needed to be, but because Mr. Goodell allowed it. Now he finds himself embroiled in situational political correctness from which he will never recover. The facts don’t matter. (But it didn’t take a rocket surgeon to conclude Rice “knocked her the f@#k out” without ever seeing the video. He didn’t drag her into that elevator. A guy earning 44 mil and sporting an entourage of capable assistants should’ve been able to figure that out.)

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