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EXCLUSIVE Wow! Here’s a shocker update: Roger Goodell, commissioner of the National Football League, made $44 million last year.

That’s a $15 million increase over 2011-12, when he was paid just $29.5 million.

The NFL filed their Form 990 Federal Tax Return on February 18, 2014, just 16 days after the Super Bowl in New York.

Now this news comes as the Wall Street Journal reports that the NFL wants Coldplay, Rihanna, and or Katy Perry to pay them to play at next February’s SuperBowl. Are they kidding? Goodell could underwrite the whole thing and not notice it.

If I were the reps of those rock acts, I’d just say No thanks.

Goodell wasn’t the only NFL exec who made out last year. Steve Bornstein, Executive Vice President of Media, made $26.5 million.

And get this: even though the NFL claimed revenue increased by $75 million from 2012 to 2013, they gave away approximately $1 million LESS in 2013 to charitable organizations than they had in 2012.

Talk about Viva la vida! Chris Martin, think twice. Roar? Like a lion, Katy. Diamonds? Ask for them, Rihanna. But pay the NFL? LOL. (Really, I’m gobsmacked. $44 million! For what?)

The NFL listed total salaries at $102 million. This means Goodell and Bornstein get more than half the total. Two guys. $66 million.

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