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UPDATE: I’m told that the “Cheek to Cheek” album will be issued on Lady Gaga’s label, Interscope, and not Sony/Columbia, where Tony Bennett has recorded since 1773. That may make this is the first release Tony Bennett has had apart from Columbia Records since the Civil War. But I’m told Sony was gracious about acceding to this request.

From April 2014: http://www.showbiz411.com/2014/04/10/tony-bennett-long-awaited-lady-gaga-duets-album-coming-in-september

Earlier today: All I can tell you is last night Lady Gaga taped a PBS special with Tony Bennett at Rose Hall in the Time Warner Center. Little Steven (Steve van Zandt) and his wife Maureen were there, so was famed writer Gay Talese and his famed book publisher wife Nan. Other guests included Al Roker, plus Gaga’s parents and her grandmothers, plus a room full of people who’d participated in a hush hush lottery.

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I can tell you something else: we know Tony Bennett can sing and perform like an angel. He is amazing at almost 88 years old. But Gaga can sing like you won’t believe. After people in the biz see this special she will have offers for “A Star is Born,” Broadway shows, you name it. No meat dresses, no gigantic eggs. Her numerous gowns were elegant and gorgeous. She comported herself on stage like a pro. And the voice! Like Ella Fitzgerald. No kidding.

I can’t be more specific yet about the content of the show. It’s too soon. Suffice to say, it reminded me of a classic special from the early 60s when CBS would present sophisticated variety– like Julie Andrews and Harry Belafonte. Gaga’s “Little Monsters” are going to be downloading the Great American Songbook.

PBS says the special, called “Cheek to Cheek,” will air October 24th from 9 to 10pm. It’s based on their “Cheek to Cheek” album, set for September 24th, just in time for the Grammy deadline. We’ll be seeing a lot of that project on the Grammys come February 2015.

The whole “Cheek to Cheek” project will be a game changer for Lady Gaga. For Tony Bennett, it’s just another day at the office. He is brilliant.

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  1. GaGa in spite of some of her silliness and goofy/nonsense pop songs is actually a very talented musician and performer. This should be good.

  2. Please Gaga is Gag-gag….no talent publicity seeking #itch. She should be banned. My question is, why would Bennett’s agent allow such a travesty…this trash heap will only serve to denigrate his reputation.

  3. Gaga is a talented lady. I’m glad she’s lifted herself out of the trash heap that is modern mainstream pop. She’s got a great voice that should be heard on great material. I’m looking forward to the big revelation.

  4. Who cares? Gaga’s daddy’s money got Gaga where she is today. She’d be a barista if she was born into a middle-class family.

  5. Considering Roger looks like he saw the transition between the horse & buggy and automobiles, he has little room to make disparaging remarks about Tony’s age.

  6. Gaga has talent. In her early days she was told she was too pop for broadway, and too broadway for pop. She made her own way, which is weird, but worked for her none the less. Now that she’s well known, she can scale back a little and show off those pipes.

  7. Wow I had no idea Tony Bennett has been on Sony’s label since 1773! I wonder how many albums the founding fathers bought of his music.

  8. No one, I repeat, NO ONE cares. If Lady Gaga’s last album bombed, who is the idiot on her label who thought that teaming her up with this old codger who sell tons of albums. It will do absolutely nothing to further her career. The only young kids who ‘like’ Tony Bennett do so because it’s considered ‘cool’ to like him. Just like these idiots say they love Neil Young regardless of the fact that his music is NOTHING like the style of music to which they normally gravitate.

    What a stupid career move for Lady Gaga. Yep. We’re going to see a bunch of hits off this album and this is definitely going to further her career. No. In actually, it makes her look weak and desperate.

    “Duh, Bennett is BRILLIANT and this is a game changer for Lady G!!!”

    You should be more modest. Your age is showing…

  9. I thought her earlier collaboration with Tony Bennett was wonderful. It showed she has real talent beyond all the hype and showmanship.

  10. I think that the writer must not know music. To say that Gag Gag is on the same level as Ella shows ignorance of jazz and what constitutes a good voice. So sad to see hype like this. Just terrible, awful.

  11. Would that not be fantastic if Lady Gaga popularized all those wonderful classic love songs again? She does have a fantastic voice. She is perfect for standing in front of a mic under a baby spot and pouring out her heart in a great torch number. All that other crap she’s been doing up til now would fade away into the background…

  12. 1773? Wow didn’t know Bennett was over 200 years old….makes sense since everyone in media especially a ‘man (big surprise) is so stupid as usual….

  13. This is the greatest thing to happen to instantly disposable music since Justin Bieber showed us all he was a big boy now by urinating in a janitor’s bucket.

  14. Before she was Lady Gaga, Stefani Germanotta was just a terrible lounge singer in New York. Going ‘jazz’ is actually closer to her previous, mediocre, pre-RedOne non-greatness.

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