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What the heck is going on at CBS’s long running soap opera, “The Young and the Restless”? It’s starting to sound like a real life soap opera. Over the weekend, TMZ ran a story claiming that actor Michael Muhney was fired from the soap–allegedly–for sexually harassing actress Hunter King. Allegedly. He’s 38, married with three kids, and very popular. She’s just turned 20. The TMZ story was as quick a way to tar and feather Muhney’s career if not his life, all with unnamed sources. Muhney was thrown under a bus, whether the story is true or false.

How would such a story wind up in TMZ? Put aside the main nut of the story– that Muhney allegedly groped King’s breasts on two occasions. Stories about soap opera actors aren’t generally the world of TMZ, which bases most of its material on video and photo ambushes, overheard comments from minor celebrities, and following people until they do something.

It does turn out that CBS Daytime chief Angelica McDaniel is married to Brian McDaniel, a comedian who works with TMZ and often appears on their syndicated television show. Wikipedia lists him as a TMZ “editor” and he is repeatedly referred to in published reports as a regular on the show. It’s a pretty narrow coincidence that the “Young and the Restless” story turned up on TMZ at all, of all the “gossip” columns — including the soap opera press– in the world.

The TMZ story was loaded with information that could only have come from a real insider– including King’s name. Ordinarily in such matters, the so-called “victim” would be protected at all costs. Muhney may have triggered all this when he tweeted–before CBS could announce it– that he’d been “fired” from the show.

Usually the network simply says an actor is “moving on” or some other innocuous comment. But Muhney’s own surprise Tweet may have riled someone– perhaps allegedly McDaniel– to give TMZ more than just a tip for a story. Each actor may be considering what to do next as their privacy has been violated. If Angelica McDaniel passed along information about an ongoing sexual harassment issue at one of her shows to her husband, that may be a bigger issue than what may or may not have happened between Muhney and King.

I’ve sent an email to Brian McDaniel, and will let you know how he replies.

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  1. Absolutely not. I can’t judge what happened between the two actors. I wasn’t there. But how such a treacherous story made it to TMZ is of concern, especially since King’s name was revealed. I am not advocating for either one. If the actress was harassed, it’s terrible.

  2. Great job of deflecting from the issue at hand, sexual harassment, and casting aspersions on McDaniel without any actual proof and actually doing the same thing to her you accuse TMZ of doing to Michael Muhney. I’m sure Michael Muhney and his fans will love this article. BRAVO!

  3. I think it’s a disgrace that Michael has been treated this way. He is a fine and well loved actor and at times as he himself says a little outspoken. I think he might have stepped on some toes and they wanted to get rid of him. I’m sure they never thought it would get this publicity.
    Michael has spoken out on Twitter saying not to believe what they are saying and I don’t I believe him. Even if Hunter did make the accusation that doesn’t make it a fact. It’s a he said she said at this point.

  4. Very well said Roger Friedman! Excellent in depth, well thought out fair article. Thank you! Michael Muhney fans are asking for the same thing – truth. Surely if anything as serious as these allegations did occur, Mr. Muhney would have been immediately escorted off the set and out the door yet, as you pointed out, he was allowed to finish out the week. If such a thing occurred certainly Y&R or Daytime Executives would not have leaked the name of the young woman who many have been involved. We fans need CBS/Sony/Y&R to do a thorough investigation and inform us. If not, then they may as well count on Y&R loosing most of its’ fan base resulting in Y&R no longer being a # 1 daytime drama!

  5. My opinion is that Ms. McDaniels should be terminated by CBS. She certainly knew better. Whether this is true or false will have long time repercussions for both Mr. Muhney and Ms. King as now that it has been splashed all over the media it will forever follow them.

  6. I believe that any media will do what ever they have to do to get a story…But sometimes the stories that gets put out to the public is just plain out right ridiculous…I am a MICHAEL MUHNEY fan Because He is a GREAT ACTOR…Until I hear from MM or another trustworthy media..I will not stop backing him… Innocent until proven guilty is my mindset.

  7. I have been a Y&R fan since the very beginning. And for those who have disparaged soap fans, I am a college graduate full-time working professional. I am from Wisconsin which is the setting for this daytime drama. I always felt connected to my state when watching, no matter where I lived. I have also been a Michael Muhney fan. This entire situation just sounds too fishy and worse than the most outlandish soap opera story line! Innocent until proven guilty is the first order of business! If something did happen why did it take so long to do something about it? Why then was Michael Muhney allowed to work out an entire week, as he was in this case, if in fact this was true. It seems to me a complete investigation is in order and if anyone should be fired it is Angelica McDaniel and Jill Farren Phelps for their handling of it and leaking any “alleged” information to a tabloid where Ms. McDaniel’s husband works. Certainly not a name if an alleged victim! If something doesn’t get clarified and dealt with soon Y&R will loose most of it’s longstanding viewership! For both actors involved we want answers and we want the truth to come out. I have a feeling there is even more here than we imagine. Unless or until it is proven that Michael Muhney did anything untoward then I will support him and want to see him reinstated as the one and only Adam Newman.

  8. you didn’t have any problems mudding up Paris Jackson with inaccurate reporting – stay away from writing on children – famous parents or not! The entire article you wrote was wrong, where are your corrections?

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