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In a rare move, Michael Jackson’s executors have posted a letter to his fans. The letter supports Michael and criticizes the latest spate of negative stories from the British press. I’m surprised– and flattered–that they cited a story I wrote about the malicious falsehoods that were created from decades old, discredited gossip. I don’t know if it’s available online, but I spent about a half hour on Tuesday morning with Mark Simone on WOR Radio here in New York going over all this stuff again.

Message From The Estate Of Michael Jackson regarding recent tabloid stories :

We know many fans have been upset by recent tabloid stories in the UK about Michael. In his song “Tabloid Junkie” Michael Jackson sings: Just because you read it in a magazine or see it on a TV screen doesn’t make it factual.

Sadly, we were recently reminded of just how prophetic Michael’s lyrics were when these disgraceful, stale and discredited stories more than two decades old were published making unfounded allegations about Michael and so-called FBI “files.” It should be no surprise that one of the authors of this rehash has a long history of writing tabloid articles about Michael. It also should be noted that he formerly was a top editor at a scandal-ridden British tabloid that folded following revelations that the phones of celebrities, public figures and even a child murder victim were illegally hacked. Even more unseemly was one press account in which the tabloid’s source was identified as a former investigator whose license was revoked and who also has filed for bankruptcy. He isn’t denying that he was paid to tell these falsehoods, but he is boasting about his pornography career. It goes without saying that this callous and brazen disregard shown Michael’s children, family and fans is beyond reprehensible.

Responsible journalists who don’t practice checkbook journalism have thoroughly debunked this disgusting story and its unreliable sources. Showbiz411 titled its story: “ ‘FBI Files’ Are From People Discredited Long Time Ago” (http://www.showbiz411.com/2013/06/30/michael-jackson-fbi-files-are-from-people-discredited-long-time-ago). CNN called the London tabloid reports a “questionable” rehash while noting that, “A website can enjoy a sharp spike in traffic — which can translate into advertising revenue — with a sensational headline” (http://www.cnn.com/2013/07/03/showbiz/michael-jackson-files) in describing how media can play fast and loose with the truth to drive viewers or readers to their site.

We believe unethical tabloid journalists and publications spreading falsehoods about Michael for their own selfish reasons are best ignored. Sadly, they hide shamelessly behind a legal shield allowing them to smear those who are no longer with us. As readers abandon them and their businesses collapse, they desperately seek attention and publicity. We don’t believe they deserve it, and are confident that discredited articles such as these vanish quickly and are easily forgotten.

Rest assured that Michael’s legacy is his artistic genius. It’s his humanitarian work that touched millions, and his global messages of peace. Most important, Michael’s legacy is his enduring love for his children, his family and his fans.

– John Branca and John McClain, Co-Executors, The Estate Of Michael Jackson

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  1. Thank you for putting my comment up Roger..I sometimes feel as though criticism of the District atty Tom Sneddon is not allowed in the press.I noticed you even dropped it in your radio interview.So I appreciate the fact you let my comments stand :)

  2. I found your interview on the radio ..very interesting..
    I appreciated you candor.
    And I agreed with alot of your points
    I know the police inferred the photos matched the childs description , as did the media and Larry feldman..
    ..However , my understanding is the photos did NOT match the description given., which is why he wasnt arrested right then and there.

    According to JC, MJ WAS circumcised , when the police asked him, but MJ WAS NOT, which was proven in his autopsy.
    The police/DA knew that,
    For that matter, if you recall , one of the many versions of the Arvizo brothers ridiculous story of seeing MJ casually strolling around naked , aroused and shooting the breeze. ……During the cross by Mesereau, Gavin said he thought MJ was white all over..His autopsy pictures shows he wasnt .

    I also dont remember JC mentioning anything about MJ behind being noticeably scarred and having abscesses, on his behind . either., which was mentioned in court recently.,The doctor testifying certainly noticed it .I would assume the team of doctors, police, looking at MJ in the same time frame noticed it also.
    Shouldnt they have wondered how JC missed that ?.

    He had already told Oprah he had splotches all over him.

    Someone?? drawing pictures of splotches on his behind , doesnt seem like anything to me.He had already told Oprah about his skin condition.
    .Saying they had heavy scarring would seem to stand out more to me..
    Or even MJ wearing a hat because he had a balloon surgically placed in his scalp by his surgeon to stretch the skin, over his burn , which is supposed to be excruciating,, needed all that demoral., at that time…….
    I wonder if he supposedly kept his hat on , when he was accosting JC, in all those intimate ways , or if he removed it and had that huge bubble balloon on top of his head while he was supposedly doing all these things.Either one , would seem a distraction…
    Seems to me , that would have been memorable , to JC..
    I dont remember him mentioning that to police either..

    .I dont think, he took his hat off, much less anything else, in front of anybody.

    The father , however admitted shooting MJ up with pain medication and inviting MJ to sleep at his house., change his clothes , use his bathroom.
    Nothing Evan Chandler could do would surprise me.

    But if you notice, the prosecutors didnt call Evan to testify , even though he had claimed to see questionable behavior.
    Or his wife Natalia,
    They didnt even call Ray Chandler., who was all over tv trying to sell a book,

    MJ team did , because he said he had proof MJ molested JC, He hid behind the Ca shield law and refused,to testify, but in judges chambers , he admitted all he had was tabloid stories.
    that was in unsealed documents after the case was over.

    My understanding is that after the photos were taken , Larry Feldman asked for them to be reviewed by his client and him, or removed.
    MJ team wanted them to stay in..
    What a humiliation for any person to be subjected to such an invasive process.particulary by a group that certainly seemed to be out for blood., by a power crazed DA

    The conclusion I have come to is that if JC, or anyone else , had said MJ had 2 testicles and a penis, Sneddon would have called it a match, and continued on., and Larry Feldman is a very talented strategist , who played Sneddon, like a violin.

    BTW, it was one criminal trial and two civil (Neverland 5) and ( Victor Guiterrez) who all found for MJ ..That would be 3 separate trials and 3 separate juries, 2 of them awarding MJ damages.
    You might mention that next time someone asks you.

    As far as the reporters, who were supposed to be covering a case where MJ faced losing his freedom , career , children , reputation…. dressing up like celebrity animals , having such a ball ,like it is Mardi Gras, while MJ was facing 20 years or more in jail for an obvious BS case,.

    If I had a press corp like that following me through most of my adult life, , I would be drinking too.:)

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