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Those “FBI” files in the UK Daily Mirror are from people who were discredited a long time ago. The so-called files that belong to an assistant to Anthony Pellicano come from Paul Barresi. I like Paul, he’s a nice guy. He was left a cache of files and tapes by Jim Mitteager, a “reporter” for the old National Enquirer which was under different ownership (not the same people who actually do ferret out some news now like the John Edwards story).

Mitteager, RIP, had no ethics or integrity. He often offered people money to make up stories about celebrities. I know this because I went back and interviewed a lot of the people he made files on concerning Michael Jackson. This was all in 2005, when Barresi shared many of the files with me during Michael Jackson’s child molestation trial. Some of the files were useful but most were not. And they weren’t because they weren’t true.

The Mitteager files were only interesting if you were going to check out their veracity. But apparently the Mirror — which come on, doesn’t care– just accepted the whole thing at face value. But all those people, like the La Marques and all the other ex Neverland employees, were totally discredited several times over. http://www.foxnews.com/story/2005/04/11/jacko-major-domo-lied-about-cashing-in/

Read that link above: even Barresi told me that the LeMarques made stuff up as they went along.

And then there’s this story: http://www.foxnews.com/story/2005/03/25/was-there-unknown-jacko-accuser/



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  1. Thank you Roger! Ditto all the smart and loving folks below. Michael is smiling…if you have not yet, please go on tv, and also continue writing about this, many people are believing the headlines and no retractions are in sight….this has gone overseas only as the UK portrayed it. thanks again!

  2. I just read in the Daily Mail that Wade Robson claims those “newly discovered, leaked FBI files” prove his allegations against Michael Jackson to be accurate. Since he most likely must already know about the true nature of those files, having been involved in the trial, I guess his claim proves exactly the opposite.

  3. Thank you Roger, I agree with everyone here. Go on National Television and spread the words and the truths about who the wonderfully loving-caring-giving Michael Jackson was besides being the greatest entertainer in the world. His words came from his heart in everything he said in interviews and in his songs which helped change the world. What other artist worked so hard to deliver the most important messages in their songs about saving the Earth, stopping wars and world and human salvation?

  4. Thnx for clearing up this filthy “news”,sad that people just keep on believing what they want to believe. Some will use these so called FBI files as prove that MJ was a pedophile and others will just keep on loving him for the sweet, sensitive, loving and caring man he was.

  5. Agree with Jom! Come on Roger, get on Entertainment Tonight and tell the truth, discrediting all those lying claimants who were looking to sue MJ for big money. I read that Wade Robson will get his lawyer to look into the validity of the FBI files – good! He will find out what we already know, and that will prove for all to see that Wade R. is full of it and just one of the many looking for a handout from Jackson’s estate.

  6. Lies run sprint, Truth runs marathon. Mr Rogers I would surely appreciate if you would go on tv during prime time and tell the truth. People need to know this. AEG really working the books. They are the ones doing this. They kill Michael and intend to gain not lose cash

  7. Well, Roger, if this story get any bigger, it is YOUR place a HUMAN BEING to go on any show and tell what you know. It is WRONG to lie on MJ and anyone else when you know they did nothing wrong.

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