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I told you last weekend that Mariah Carey was no longer managed by her longtime pal Randy Jackson. Now all of a sudden that story got traction on MTV.com (which credited us–thank you). Just to explain: Randy came in to manage Mariah as she went through the process of negotiating with “American Idol.” He’s also been helping to get her new album together. There is no problem or friction between them.She didn’t dump him or oust him. Good grief.

As Mariah prepares to release the album, go on tour, etc it would be impossible for Jackson really “to manage” all of that. Randy and Mariah go back to at least her “Charmbracelet” album, which he captained. That album was a comeback after the “Glitter” debacle.” The two are very close friends. It’s unlikely Carey will return to “Idol” next season, but don’t count out Randy. (The Wrap insists he’s leaving.) Randy represents continuity at “Idol.” He could still be a mentor if not a judge.

PS Mariah has a full time manager, anyway. Louise McNally is always there as second managers are brought in.


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