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Barbara Walters returned to “The View” this morning with a big announcement. It came after a weekend of speculation after a Thursday gossip item that she was going to proclaim her total retirement. “If and when I have an announcement to make, I would make it on this program.” Walters looked extremely healthy and with it, and not like someone who was going to retire from anything–including a fight with ABC over her future.


Later in the show, Walters exclaimed to “General Hospital” actor Tony Geary “35 years–who has a job that long?” Everyone in the audience laughed, and clapped. Even Walters surprised herself. But she is clearly not ready to give into ABC. And the planted gossip item on Thursday–meant to seal her fate–has backfired.




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  1. Gee, but what a dirty way the Networks have handled this. the Brillient lady has been austed and not in a pretty way. I now dee the MArxist in the Office, well, at least the criminal viewpoint from the top od the line,.

    I’m, most sorry Ms Walters. I have watched you since TODAY and I was 9 or 10.

  2. Apparently Barbara wants to compete with Kim Kardashian for the media spotlight. She should
    come clean with the disagreement with ABC that they are arguing over their attempt to buy out
    her half of “The View” at less than half what she is demanding

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