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Just as he did with the Concert for New York right after September 11th, 2001, Harvey Weinstein is putting on an all star concert for Hurricane Sandy relief. Set for December 12, 2012, “12-12-12″ will feature Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, the Who, Alicia Keys, Kanye West, Bon Jovi, and tons more top rank artists. Weinstein is producing the show with John Sykes and with Jim Dolan of Cablevision. Proceeds will go to the Robin Hood Foundation.

The show will likely feature some kind of participation from the Rolling Stones, although they are not part of today’s announcement. But this ’12-12’12” comes the right in the middle of the Stones’  New York area shows on December 8 and 13th. And so far, the Stones have not announced any kind of charitable donation even though their ticket prices alone could raise enough money to support all the people who’ve been displaced and then some. They will be a natural addition.

Don’t be surprised to hear also Paul Simon thrown into the mix. Maybe they can pipe in Sting, too. He’s playing a stadium show in Bangkok, Thailand that night.

Back in 2001, Weinstein and Sykes put together a similar show, The Concert for New York at Madison Square Garden. Many of the same artists were involved then, in a spectacular evening that kicked off with David Bowie.

In a press release: “Event producers, James Dolan, John Sykes and Harvey Weinstein issued the following joint statement: “‘12-12-12’ is shaping up to be a showcase of music royalty. The response from the entertainment community to help those most affected by Hurricane Sandy has been nothing short of astounding. We expect to announce additional legendary performers in the near future and we are confident that the event will ensure those in need will not be forgotten, and vital aid will be directed to rebuilding our communities along the East Coast.”

PS Hopefully, this show will be sold in a way that scalpers like StubHub won’t be able to buy blocks of seats that are resold for thousands of dollars. This group of presenters is too smart to let that happen.

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  1. wow–so very sorry to hear soooo many “conservatives” putting down the so called ‘ liberals” who voted Obama in Elva, and others who ask where were “they” when Katrina hit? Many went down and worked side by side with Katrina victims, just as Katrina surviviors are doing with their fellow Americans whio are in need..
    Wake up . Open your hearts and minds. Stop the intolerance and judgemental attitudes. Grow up and do something positive instead of spreading your negativity

  2. You know, I read some of these crazy responses and all I can think is, either these people are purposely dim or they were just born this way. I cannot imagine artists more personally generous than Bruce Springsteen or Jon Bon Jovi, for example. Paul Simon runs a huge medical charity for children. Paul McCartney donates vast amounts to various causes. Do you people even think before you spill your bile onto the internet? Or is ignorance just bliss for you?

  3. I should have known that since this story was linked to the Drudge Report the comment section would be full of nonsense. Thanks for not letting me down, conservatives! You guys would be funny if you weren’t so sad. Only the modern conservative would have a problem with a charity event like this. Shameful, really. Most entertainers (except lame, washed up ones) are not conservative. Deal with it.

  4. Elva & Bob Lob are perfect examples of what Plagues America. Pathetic to say the least. These are Americans that are suffering. Democrat, Republican, Independent, Conservative, Libertarian, Progressive, Liberal, Catholic, Jewish, Protestant, Muslim, Agnostic and Atheist.

    I’m proud of the way this area supported Katrina victims in Red State Louisiana. You do know that one of the hardest hit regions is Peter King Republican from Long Island.

    Let the rest of us know when you’re ready to leave the Stone Age.

    America…love it or leave it!

  5. As a New York resident- one who was directly impacted by Sandy, and who knows many people who are still displaced from their ruined homes with everything they have worked for gone- I have been extremely grateful to anyone who wants to help. The concert idea is wonderful!!

    That said- I am truly disgusted to hear some of the comments on here. Those affected by the storm are individual human beings, regardless of who the State they live in voted for. I’m sorry that you are bitter that your ideals are not those held by the majority in this country, but I don’t think THIS is the place for that- personally.

  6. What a bunch of whining bastards. Sit back and bith rather then help. These people raised a ton of money eleven years ago that went to a great cause.

    They are doing it again. If you want to contribute great, if you don’t shut up and do something else.

    What jerks.

  7. Since 84% of billionaires are democrats in the US,i do have a suggestion,all super stars in Hollywood should give one millions dollars to help Sandy victims,
    and the billionaires give each 1 billions to the rebuilding of Sandy damage ,that should raise 86 billions dollars.NO TAXES DEDUCTION,just from their good heart.
    No need to ask the taxes payers to pay to rebuilt the coastal residence of New Jersey.
    Since New York is the capital of the world buisness,it should be easy money to raise for the great people of this great city

  8. What percentage of the Gross will go to victims of Hurricane Sandy? How much will Weinstein and company keep? How will the funds be distributed to the victims? What reassurance do we have that this isn’t another moneymaking scheme that’s all PR and no glory?

    I do think Weinstein could pull this off in a powerful and ethical way, but I’d like to see transparency and accountability before I support this.

  9. Why not hold it on 11-20-12 and pass out food so that these people have something to be thankful for on Thanksgiving?

    Oh, that’s right, these Liberal elites are about SHOW and not SUBSTANCE.

  10. oh, such humanity and sacrifice by these pretentious celebriteis – burning thousands of gallons of diesel, and partying on behalf of the helpless.

    If these guys want to really help, they’d volunteer their time and money at ground level by working the shelters, feeding the hungry, and cleaning up the mess.

  11. I remember the Farm-Aid concert in Lincoln, Nebraska in the 80’s; lots of big names, lots of big bills. When the three day bash at Memorial Stadium was over, all the money was sent to promoters in Boston. When the final tab came in, there were zero dollars left for the farmers and the city of Lincoln actually owed money for the final clean-up. The promoters claimed that the function was beneficial to the farmers because it “called attenetion publicly to their plight”. Money-managers. Don’t ya’ just love ’em?

  12. Why not just ask everyone to send a huge donation to Salvation Army or church groups involved in helping NY and NJ? Better yet, go there and help out yourself. Guess that’s not happening, is it Harvey?

  13. I’m not supporting the 3 things that gave us Obama Part II: Unions, dinosaur media, and entitlement takers.

    Billions of our tax dollars will go to the people affected by Sandy. New York and New Jersey voted for Obama. They won’t get another dime of my money.

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