Home Music Mumford and Sons: 600,000 Copies Puts Them At Number 1

Wow! Mumford & Sons’ “Babel” sold 600,000 copies last week. It won the number 1 slot on the charts, handily beating new releases by Green Day and No Doubt by miles. Those groups did 140,000 and 120,000 respectively with new CDs. For No Doubt, the lower number wasn’t very good. Plus, the reviews of the album aren’t so hot. “Push and Shove” is terribly unfocused. Mumford & Sons’ previous album was coast in the tide, and dragged up to number 10 because of all the hoopla. Good for them. Daniel Glass’s smallish Glassnote Records deserves kudos for making all this happen. Meanwhile, Michael Jackson’s “Bad25” collection is still selling well, and Adele’s “21” remains in the top 10–while it waits for the “Skyfall” single on Thursday night.

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