Home Celebrity Randy Jackson, As We Always Said, Remains “American Idol” Judge

How many times did you read this summer, particularly on TMZ, that Randy Jackson was out at “American Idol”?  http://www.tmz.com/2012/08/31/american-idol-randy-jackson-judge-nicki-minaj-mariah-carey/ Why, you wonder, do regular news outlets like the New York Post and countless websites, just pick up TMZ’s half baked news and report it like it’s the truth? I don’t get it.

I told you at the beginning of the summer when Mariah Carey signed on–she’s managed by Randy–that Jackson was not only staying but that he had to, he was the heart and sould of “Idol.” Rock stars could come and go as temporary judges, but Randy was the mainstay of the show. http://www.showbiz411.com/2012/07/13/american-idol-update-randy-jackson-will-bring-mariah-carey-jlo-out

Yesterday–surprise–Randy joined Mariah and newcomers Keith Urban and Nicki Minaj at Lincoln Center for show auditions. He’s still there, and in charge. These three new judges will be looking to him for advice about how to play this season.

So now what for everyone who reported “Randy Jackson is OUT!” Like a lot of junk that came out of tabloid reporting this summer, it was all wrong. But hey–it doesn’t matter. And not one of those other sites–including the Post, which is owned by the same company as Fox, the network of “Idol”–bothered to pick up the phone and make an independent sourcing call. Oh well.

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