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So it goes, and keeps coming around again. Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, managers, careers. I am told by a source close to “American Idol” that Mariah Carey’s deal “is in play” to become a judge. Now listen, kids. Randy Jackson manages Mariah Carey. If Mariah’s coming, Randy’s staying. Or the other way around. Either way, that would probably mean the exit for Jennifer Lopez, who has lots to do after two years on “Idol.” She used to have a movie career. She can have it again. Mariah and JLO have a long, awkward history.

UPDATE: Jennifer Lopez just announced she’s leaving the show. Welcome, Mariah. And of course, the announcement was made by Ryan Seacrest on his radio. It’s all orchestrated, friends. None of this is random.

Mariah and JLO have a long, awkward history. Mariah and JLO each been managed by Benny Medina, often brilliantly, always smartly. Lopez is with Medina now. If the show goes for the Randy and Mariah package, which would be sensational, then they still have to find a “Simon”–a leader, frankly, a white guy, with music industry cred. They need their own Adam Levine, a la “The Voice.” I think they should go for Rob Thomas, of matchbox twenty. They should also reach out to songwriter Diane Warren. Just my opinion, and no one but no one asked me. But keep your eyes on the Randy-Mariah deal.

PS Why does this make sense, corporately? “American Idol” is contracted to Universal Music. Randy is producing Mariah’s new album for Universal, where she still has a deal. It’s all about synergy. And Universal’s Jimmy Iovine will be back.

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  1. At last someone with real talent as a judge! They always pick judges based on some kind of stupid gay bias or racial bias, last time hard rock bias.

  2. Randy was the only credible judge this year. I found myself agreeing with him more than the others. Tyler made it fun, but he could never be the critic that those kids desperately needed. He was just too nice. Lopez? Good riddance! The rumors I’ve heard of Adam Lambert being a judge should be squashed immediately! What a no-talent %^$-clown. I would definitely be done with the show!

  3. Even more reason not to watch american Idol. I quit watching this lame program a few years ago. This show should go by the wayside. It is all based on who is the best looking….no real thought about talent.

  4. Randy stays? Really? I can’t do it any more. I just can’t stand him as a judge. Won’t watch the show if he stays. I could barely get through this last season.

  5. J Lo was forgotten before IDOL. Her big ego will have her back to forgotten by leaving this ultra-promotion vehicle, which she used ad nauseum. Dumb move.

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