Home Celebrity Michael Madsen Wants to Snack on Justin Bieber in New Video Clip

On the subject of Justin Bieber (pictured here for size with Chris Brown). Video director Anthony Mandler is about to unveil a new music for song that Bieber and his peeps hope will stick on radio called “As Long as You Love Me.” They’ve released a preview of a long form video for the song featuring little Bieber and Quentin Tarantino tough guy Michael Madsen. Madsen towers over Bieber in the clip and looks like he’s going to pick him up by the collar and eat him a pig in the blanket or a nacho during half time. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCWOef6iiRM. On YouTube, the 13 year old mall girls are going crazy, but in reality, I’ve rarely seen anything that looked more ripe for a parody. Frankly, it could be a scene out of “Boys Don’t Cry.” I don’t know what the finished video will look like. My hat is off to Scooter Braun, Bieber’s manager, for creating this illusion for teenage girls. He should be teaching marketing and magic at Harvard Business School. Bieber should be able to retire at 21 with mansions galore, and hit Las Vegas like a young John Davidson or Jack Jones (girls, you’ll have to Google them).

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