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Good news! The New York Times’s Carpetbagger and MovieLine have jumped on board with our “Uggie” campaign. I wrote on November 23rd that Uggie, the 8 year old Jack Russell terrier from “The Artist” deserved a Best Supporting Actor nomination–that he could even win! Here’s that link: http://www.showbiz411.com/2011/11/23/best-supporting-actor-hemingway-borat-a-dog-and-albert-brooks-are-circling

And guess what? There’s even a Facebook page for Uggie’s campaign called Consider Uggie, sprouting up in the last couple of days. I guess we relate to Uggie because we know it’s a dog eat dog world out there. But if he’s dogged in this pursuit, who knows? And Johnny Depp could be nominated for a Golden Globe in “The Tourist,” the possibilities are endless for Uggie!

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  1. Roger may be on to something. There’s a campaign to have a Best Comedy Movie category and the stuntmen want a category….why not animals?

  2. If you don’t think that animals and trainers work just as hard as human actors in films, and that their work is not as important, then you need to spend some more time researching. Go Uggie – Best Supporting Actor!

  3. You know. it’s a long season! we have to have some fun. Also, Joey the horse is excellent in War Horse.
    Seriously, lots of great supp perfs from the guys–Corey Stoll (another campaign we started), Albert Brooks, Jim Broadbent, Kenny Branagh, Jonah Hill, Ezra Miller,

  4. Roger,

    I know this campaign was kind of “tongue in cheek” when it started, and I thought it was funny then, but this has gone on long enough, don’ t you think? I haven’t seen “The Artist” yet, but what I have seen of the dog is very good, and worthy of the top award for animal actors. But an Oscar? Come on, Man – you of all people should realize that your campaign makes a mockery of all the truly WORTHY performances out there, from a host of actors who can benefit from the nomination. By putting Uggie in there as a serious contender, you cheapen and denegrate the performances of people who really work HARD at their craft. People who electrified audiences this year like Albert Brooks in Drive, or those about to electrify audiences, like Ezra Miller in We Need To Talk About Kevin.

    Get real – knock off this silly campaign.

    And take heart – no doubt your favorite people – the National Board of REview – WILL find some way to give Uggie something…they usually do throw the dogs something…

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