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Michael Jackson was not a pedophile. So says Frank Cascio, who grew up with Jackson as a kid along with his siblings. Cascio, now in his early 30s, details his life with Jackson in “My Friend Michael,” officially published tomorrow. It’s the first real, true account of Jackson, including recent books by his brother and sister, Jermaine and LaToya.

Cascio, who knew Jackson from age 5, knew Jordy Chandler and Macaulay Culkin and all the kids who passed through Neverland, writes: “Michael’s interest in young boys had absolutely nothing to do with sex. I say this with the unassailable confidence of firsthand experience, the confidence of a young boy who slept in the same room as Michael hundreds of times, and with the absolute conviction of a man who saw Michael interact with thousands of kids. In all the years that I was close to him, I saw nothing that raised any red flags, not as a child and not as an adult. Michael may have been eccentric, but that didn’t make him criminal.”

Cascio details all the times he and his brothers and sister slept in Jackson’s bedroom, and shares stories of other kids who got the Neverland treatment. Cascio has always maintained this stance, since I met him in 2000. His accounts jibe with those of Culkin and other young men who visited Neverland. Cascio recounts Jackson’s reluctance settle the Chandler case out of court. And he details the story of the greedy, scheming Arvizos.

This past weekend, some press accounts concentrated on Cascio’s admission that Jackson was hooked on a variety of drugs. Fair enough. But as a historical chronicle, “My Friend Michael” is about so much more. Because Cascio and his whole family had a unique place in Jackson’s life. He lived in their homes as an adult, and the Cascios were regular visitors at Neverland, and in Bahrain when Jackson went into self imposed exile. It was Frank Cascio’s minute record keeping in 2003 during the Gavin Arvizo scandal that exonerated Jackson from child molestation and conspiracy charges.

What makes Cascio’s book so compelling for Jackson fans aren’t the drug revelations. Cascio tells the story in minute detail of Jackson’s financial situation and the machinations of various people around him during a key period–from 1994 and the Jordy Chandler scandal through 2000, the “Invincible” album, and the arrest in 2003.

Cascio has no love lost for John McClain, Jackson’s sometime manager and now, by fluke of a 2002 will, the co-executor of his estate. According to Cascio’s account, which I reported at the time, McClain was a constant thorn in his side, undermining their friendship. Years later, in 2010, it would be McClain who would make a mess of the posthumous “Michael” album by encouraging fans to doubt the veracity of tracks produced by Cascio’s brother, Eddie.

“My Friend Michael” is a must read for any Michael Jackson fan. I’ll have some more bits from it as the day goes on.



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  1. Jerry Sandusky’s case has proven MJ was falsely accused and framed. Michael’s been dead for nearly a year now, where are his victims? Do you know how many children had gone in and out of MJ’s neverland ranch? Where are the sexually abused kids? What happened after Jerry Sandusky’s 1st victim came out? Ten other victims followed and now maybe more had been involved.

    Michael Jackson is the most tragic and exploited celebrity in our lifetime!

  2. Hi Roger, do you know who wrote behind the screen name ‘back’ on MJJC during Michael’s trial? Word on the street is that it was MJ himself while holed up at Neverland with a bible on his lap. He had some choice things to say about the media, especially you…..

    btw, I agree, of course it was MJ’s voice on the Michael album and yes, the Cascio’s were loyal and valued friends of Michael’s, I don’t understand why the fans get swayed so easily in the wrong direction so often.

  3. I’m only responding here because it’s the first comment today. But this is for all commenters. For years I’ve reported on the Cascios. In all those years they remained faithful to Michael. They never once exploited the relationship. Indeed, I can tell you without a doubt that it was Frank Cascio’s and Vinnie Amen’s incredibly good record keeping that did help prove Michael was innocent in 2005. And while they didn’t testify, their records were the key to the whole case. As for the “Michael” album, that really is Michael’s voice. He really put down those vocals with Eddie Cascio. And not much money was made from that episode. While I admire Michael’s fans for “protecting” his legacy, it’s also time they got real on this subject.

  4. So we’re supposed to believe that this kid from New Jersey, a glorified go-fer, knew Michael Jackson better than his family members? Not buying it – literally.

  5. Roger please, the Cascio’s may have been great family and friend to MJ, but who but “friends and family” are likely to stab you in the back. And in this aftermath, they sure are looking like the “bloodsucker” you described in your comment. Frank stabbed MJ in the back with this book. He and Eddie stabbed MJ in the back with those tracks on the Michael album also. And if the fans have any “antipathy to the Cascios”, it’s the Cascio’s own fault. They should have kept their mouths shut and not run to the media including Oprah of all people, as they must have known how MJ felt about her. Furthermore, they submitted those fake tracks for profit, when Michael gave them everything and took them everywhere in the world during his lifetime. THEY GOT MONEY FOR THOSE TRACKS, and that makes them greedy bloodsuckers. Furthermore, you can also blame the “destruction of that album” on the Casico’s and the Estate as well, while you’re playing the blame game. They have been around MJ while he was recording, and have seen “over 100 MJ concerts”, so they know what MJ sounds like, and apparently they thought they could fool fans with those feeble “MJ Sound-alike” tracks. As for the book, I want to read what Frank has to say. I want to see how deep those stab wounds go. He also wants to build a school in Haiti with part of the profits. HA! A New York Italian building a school for Black children in a 3rd world country. It would certainly be a sight to behold.

  6. Things are not always clear cut. There is a bit of true in everything. We may never know what’s true and what’s false with absolute certitude. The bottom line is, whether you are rich or poor, free or in jail, we all try to live another day and the “situation” we are in becomes our world; we adapt. Michael failed at that, surely he was like a great dinosaur, and like the dinosaurs he became extinct because he couldn’t adapt. Dr. Murray is not the only greedy person in the never-ending MJ saga. Greed… this is the crooked timber of humanity. In the crux of this drama I would like to jump from that into another shameful exploitati­on of MJ. A line of perfumes dedicated to Michael is about to be launched by Joe Jackson and a profession­al scam-artis­t who is much spookier than Dr. Murray, Julian Franck Rouas. This story will make your eyes curl up in the back of your head when you’ll read about the psychologi­cally malevolent Julian Rouas and the Jackson Tribute Fragrances rogue operation. With no functionin­g conscience­, they have even used Michael’s kids to promote the stinking perfumes… see the sickening photos…

  7. MJ fans dont need Ca$$hio to tell us that Michael was innocent .
    Non fans will never believe a Judas but will run wiLh your lovely addict stories. I can see why he hates Mcclains guts, thinks he was supposed to co manage Michaels estate.
    Is n’t it telling in the entire will there is no mention of any Ca$$hio.
    Is this your way to get what you feel you are entitled to. Was n’t it enough to have lived off Michael your entire life and your brother betraying him with bogus tracks.
    Michael knew what he was doing .
    Thanks for setting the records straight : you are NOT a friend

    O friend , my bosom said,
    Through thee alone the sky is arched
    Through thee the rose is red
    All things through thee take nobler form
    And look beyond the earth
    The mill-round of our fate appears
    A sun-path in thy worth
    Me , too, thy nobleness has taught
    To master my despair
    The fountains of my hidden life
    Are through thy friendship fair

  8. creo en Frank Cascio ,el y toda su familia fueron por años ,la familia de Michael,lo acompañaron muchos años ,Frank sabe mucho y es una buena persona.No hubiera estado tantos años con MIKE .,de lo contrario.Deseo comprar ese libro lo mas rapido posible ,¿cuando estara en Argentina ?Frank te deseo suerte con tu libro ,tengo fe en ti y en tu familia.Se lo bien que se sentia Michael con ustedes ,y contigo por supuesto.I LOVE YOU Michael Jackson ,forever ,

  9. I will be buying this book.I remember Mr Cascio coming forward to defend MJ during Sneddons witchhunt and I am sure Sneddon had this man in his sites for not taking immunity and throwing MJ under the bus.
    Tom Sneddon is a sick hateful man who abused the authority of his office for years , persecuted Michael…
    I hope he addresses that in his book as well as the Chandler garbage and the Arviso scum that is STILL hanging with Mr Zonen..
    My impression is in order to be invited to Mr Zonens wedding , like the Arviso BOYS were,you had to have to have sworn you witnessed MJ doing something lewd ……as the mother and sister were left off the wedding list LOL.
    MY heaven these people all cover up for each other..
    I hope he calls them all out in his book.
    I actually liked the Michael album..I would have been happy just to hear him warming up or singing scales..I miss him..

  10. The fans didn’t destroy the “Michael” album.Those fake songs did.As a fan( which you know nothing about) for almost 20 years I can tell you something about Michael’s music: you feel it,dear Roger.And you feel Michael there ,too And as much as I have tried to feel Michael in those songs I couldn’t.The other fans felt the same, I guess.
    And since when this sudden love for Michael if I may ask.When he was alive you couldn’t wait to write nasty things about him.
    “A must read for any fan” give me a break.Tell your beloved source Frank Cascio when you meet him for lunch that I’m glad he’s not my friend.He’s just another backstabber like so many in Michael’s life.

  11. All those fans who now judge Frank and his book, just they read some reviews in some stupid (tabloid) paper aren’t any better then those people who judged Michael without knowing anything about him. Michael wouldn’t like that. I will read the book before I make up my mind about it.

  12. i agree with MJ not a pedo, but the cascio tracks in “Michael” album.., it’s not really MJ, sorry but it’s no way that’s michael’s voice!

  13. The Cascios, including Frank, went on Oprah and said they never saw any sign of Michael’s drug abuse. That doesn’t jive with what’s now writen in the book.

  14. I give the Cascios points for the fact that no one in their family has come out of the woodwork during the years they knew Michael, nor during the years since his death. I never saw them in the print or broadcast tabloids. They certainly could have joined the crazy cast of characters in MJs life who made appearances for money or fame, but they didn’t.

    The Cascios sort of remind me of Oprah’s long lost sister and her children, who knew for several years before Oprah, that they were blood relatives, and yet did not stoop low to exploit the connection for a quick buck. You could tell Oprah appreciated that.

    Same with the Cascios. So because of that, and your recommendation, Roger, I will get the book on Kindle.

  15. That’s completely ridiculous. The Cascios are not bloodsuckers. Michael Jackson fans have an antipathy to the Cascios and it’s completely misplaced. It’s wrong. The Cascios were great friends and family to Jackson. The fans destroyed that “Michael” album. You have cut off your noses to spite your faces. (No MJ nose jokes.)

  16. Personally I think fans have overreacted about the drug info in Franks book – I mean firstly, we know MJ had an addiction..its no secret..he had problems like the rest of us! Secondly you can’t judge the whole book based on that one line or whatever it was. I like Frank so i’ll buy the book. Hopefully he doesn’t bang on about “Eddie Casios songs”, cuz no ones convincing me that its MJ. Sorry.

  17. MJ Fans don’t support this trash. The Cascios have proven to be bloodsuckers, just like the rest of them.

    The can all go to hell. And Frank Cascio is nothing but a leech.

  18. I will definitely buy this book – Frank was a true friend with first hand knowledge of the man behind the music.

    Also, great article bringing the focus onto the important topics of the book instead of the sensationalist cr@p. It’s time people started focusing on the true nature of Mr Michael Jackson.

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