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Can Rosie O’Donnell save Oprah’s OWN network? My guess is, yes. Tonight at 7 eastern time, Rosie goes live with “The Rosie Show” and her first guest, Russell Brand. During the day she’ll do a warm up test show with Melissa Gilbert. It won’t happen overnight. But given that Discovery, which owns OWN, is turning over all their channels to Rosie’s debut, and putting a lot behind this, I think Rosie should have an easy comeback to talk TV. And the 7pm slot suits her: she can be a little bawdy, she doesn’t have to be the Nice Guy all the time. On the other hand, O’Donnell’s new show will certainly be upbeat and funny. It also has to stay away from national politics. What everyone needs now is entertainment. Rosie’s success could be pinned to her idea of emulating her heroes, Mike Douglas and Ed Sullivan. Rosie is on Channel 115 in Manhattan, by the way. You can look up OWN (I had no idea where it was) at www.rosie.com

Early this morning she blogged about her anticipation of the first day. Here it is: http://www.oprah.com/rosie/rosie-blog.html

eggs r hatching
vulnerable exciting

write a blog
4 the new rosie dot com
due after lunch
its past midnight

watching conan
who always makes me laugh
poker on ESPN next
i pray for a dance mom marathon

tomorrow morning i tape my first test show
a live audience ready
melissa gilbert flying in to play
all in chicago

i have fallen in love with this city
and it came as a surprise
shocking – really
i knew nothing of chicago

its beauty is startling
the wide clean streets
smiling hellos
the buckingham fountain took my breath away

tonight at GIBSONS steak house
i met a man named mo
who waits tables with such style and grace
survived a heart attack last year

a young couple newly engaged
so completely happy
ready 2 begin
life together

in the next booth
an 89 year old woman
with her daughter and adult grandson
jewish perfect real

another woman from africa
with the most genuine smile
eyes that sparkled as she squirted soap into my palms
here 4 only 8 months

as i prepare to return
2 something much bigger than a show
i am reminded how lucky i am
have always been

thank u oprah
here we go


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