Home Television “One Life to Live” Exec Producer Signs on for Online Version

The executive producer of “One Life to Live,” Frank Valentini, has signed on with Prospect Park Productions for the online version of the show. The ABC soap finishes its run on the network in January 2012. Several of the “One Life” actors including star Erika Slezak have reached deals with Prospect Park as well. What isn’t clear is what’s happening with “All My Children” and star Susan Lucci. “AMC”  wraps up in one week on ABC after 41 years. But so far there’s been little word on Lucci and the fate of her show. Prospect Park is in a tough position. There’s no “AMC” without Lucci. So they’ve got to make her happy for the whole thing to move forward. Hopefully principals Jeff Kwatinetz and Rich Frank will make a deal with her before next Friday.

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