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Jared Followill, one of the many Followill brothers in hot rock group Kings of Leon, found out that the tour he’s on was cancelled today in the gym. That’s right–he Tweeted that “They told me the news about the tour in the gym today. This is how I felt. http://t.co/0rc8zjr.” Kings of Leon now join The Kinks (the Davies brothers) and Oasis (warring Gallaghers), and even Creedence Clearwater Revival (the fun Fogertys), in the pantheon of rock groups composed of brothers who can’t along with each other.The Partridge Family never fought like this!

A few nights ago, Jared’s brother Caleb Followill walked off the stage in Dallas during a set and stopped the show. He blamed the heat and never returned. Brother Nathan tweeted: “Not so good morning 4 me today. Ashamed & embarrassed by last nights fiasco. Can’t apologize enough, utterly gutted. A million I’m sorry’s.” Nathan had been tweeting about the Dallas heat for a bit leading up to the show, too. As for Caleb, he hasn’t Tweeted since May. His Twitter self-description reads: “Family band frontman with with four albums down, an inconsistent hair-do and a bad attitude.” Kings of Leon’s big hit is called “Use Somebody,” and they could: a shrink.

“The band is not breaking up,” reassures at least one brother.

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