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Beyonce‘s “4” album debuts at Number 1 this week with around 300,000 copies sold. It’s a good but not great debut for “4” considering its predecessor sold 480,000 copies in 2008. The lower number is surely an indication of how the record biz has dwindled over the same period of time. It’s also about Beyonce not having a great single from this album. On the last one, “I Am…Sasha Fierce,” she had a breakout hit with “Single Ladies.” Even the video was parodied. “4” doesn’t have that single so far, although does have a few misses. I have to think that Beyonce’s forceful appearance on “Good Morning America” last Friday helped her a lot. She sang live, looked like a million bucks, and really went for it. All current performers should take notes. When Beyonce is on, she is worth her weight in gold bullion. It’s instructive to note that at same time Beyonce was roaring across the “GMA” set in Central Park, rapper Pitbull was featured on the “Today” show. He wasn’t very good, and his sales actuall went down. He’s dropped from number 7 to 15. This was a rare “Today” misstep. This Friday, country singer Blake Shelton comes to “Today,” which should be a hit. The following Friday is Chris Brown--yikes, what are they thinking? Meanwhile, Adele gets kicked to Number 2 this week; she’s still rolling deep in green. Lady Gaga drifts out of the top 10 and into oblivion.

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  1. To the first commenter, first week sales are always high(for most). Its the second week drop that will show if the album will be a hit or not. My opinion is that she will hardly sell a million (before a re-release)

  2. The Today Show is thinking that they want a talented artists like Chris Brown to perform on the show, Mr. Friedman, and that is why Chris Brown is doing the Today show. You have been in the gossip business for a long time. So surely you are aware that musical artists who have struggled with violence and had successful careers are all over the landscape of popular music. In case you need a refresher about some artists who have demonstrated violent behavior, let me give you some names: John Lennon, Frank Sinatra, Liza Minnelli, Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love, and Eminem just to name a few. Additionally, it would be way to extensive to mention the names of artists who have trashed their hotel rooms in violent fits since the beginning of Rock-n-Roll in the 50’s. I wonder why it is that these (caucasian) artists have never gotten the same scrutiny for their violent behavior? Hmmmmm……maybe you can enlighten us?

  3. Absolutely fantastic album. Her best yet. Number 1 is a rather ironic spot for an album that most predicted would flop. I’d say it was a better debut than her others because the Industry is much tougher now, her whole album was leaked nearly a month before release, her first single didn’t do as well as others. Critics, non-fans, & even supposed fans were very harsh on leaked music. I absolutely love the album. It’s her best album yet to me. This is high quality music. Outstanding Bey! I think she is clearly breaking out of the box people have her in on this one.

  4. Celebrate this wonderful artist and stop trying to find something negative to say. This CD was leaked 3 weeks and she still sold 300,000+ copies. You guys are idiots to try and find something wrong with this achievement. That’s My Girl:-). I knew she was going to shut those haters up! Beyonce is back with a purpose.. NOt only did she debut #1 with 4 in 20 countries but this lady beat out all haters completely by selling a CD that was on the market for free for 3 weeks. Genius marketing from her.. Beyonce does not operate on negativity which why I love her so much. She is a positive person which explains why she comes out on top. Those who are still yelling flop are the same idiots who thought they truly had some power to make her go away. HA>HA>HA The last laugh is hers. Also, Last night NBC’s annual Fourth of July fireworks special — featuring a performance by Beyoncé — scored its biggest overall audience in more than a decade and its best adults 18-49 numbers in four years, leading the network to a victory Monday night. NBC drew 6.3 million viewers. Congratulations to Beyonce for showing she still matters. Haters you may take a bow,now! Ha Ha Ha.. Love her so much. Her new album is great. Love the direction she took 4.

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