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Poor Lady Gaga. Her saga of continued downward sales continues. In the fourth week of release for “Born this Way,” her latest release sold a mere 68,935 copies. That brings her to a total of 1,254,484–less, of course, the 440,000 copies that amazon gave away for 99 cents. If those are removed, the total is 854,484. That’s a lot of CDs, of course, no matter what the parameters. But with the amazon deal and no real second breakout single, “Born this Way” is quickly vanishing. This week it fell to number 4. I always like to contrast it with Adele’s “21” album, which had a zero percent change last week and sold well over 100,000 copies. Lady Gaga also finished behind a child, Jackie Evancho. Why anyone wants to listen to an 11 year old sing classical music is beyond me, but that’s the story right now. In each of the last three weeks, Gaga has dropped about 40,000 units. This means that this week she could finish with around 25,000 copies sold. She has to be making big bucks from endorsements and touring because CD sales are not going to support her lavish lifestyle.

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  1. Roger,
    thank you for the good article, its always a pleasure to read your articles, and more fun to read your readers responses. not a big fan of Lady Gafta, but I thought I would stir up the pot a little, see who flys off the rocker, just for fun . . . and the drum roll . . . .

  2. I like Lady Gaga, her music, like many other artist is what it is, you like it or you dont, who gives a rats @ss what some of you people think anyway! Just dont buy her music. If I said: Hell, I dont like you and I’m not going to buy your lame music either. would you really care? Of course not, your music is not good enough to record, let alone buy, But hey look, Lady Gaga’s music maybe down in sales, but at least she has sales. You critics are just lame, wanna be losers with big ego’s. and little p3nis’s. LMAO.

  3. “Lady Gaga also finished behind a child, Jackie Evancho. Why anyone wants to listen to an 11 year old sing classical music is beyond me . . .”

    Maybe you are just stupid and don’t know your A-hole from an A 440.

  4. GaGa has no talent. Her music sucks. Nothing proves that more than the free market. 5 years from now she’ll be doing porn or waiting tables, but the industry will prop her up as they do all talentless musical hacks. If she wants my money, spend time on the screen sucking co*k and taking it up the a$$!

  5. The problem with being a freak is that you’re always under the gun to upgrade your own freakishness. The attention an entertainer initially garners with a freak show eventually becomes mere curiosity (“Wonder what she’ll do this time?”) and then disappointment (Ahhh, she could have done better than that . . .) Gaga has been so predictably over the top for so long that about the only stunt left open to her is public self-immolation . . .

  6. The Arbiter,
    I wish Lady Gaga’s rise in the music world was orchestrated by Satan, for if it was maybe Gaga would actually be making some decent music instead of the same repetitive crap that she steals from Madonna.

  7. The “Lady” jumped the shark with the egg-hatching at the Grammy’s – she’s run out of gimmicks and becoming more and more low-class, just for shock value (attention seeking). I get that she’s trying to achieve the 80’s Madonna-like shock value for this generation, but too tacky and over-the top weird….even for the Madonna of the 80’s.

  8. You’re right, Friedman. Maybe she doesn’t care what the CD sales are doing, as long as she makes the bucks from the endorsements. The media still love her, so she’ll take advantage of that.

    But what happens when the media turns it back someday? And that day will occur.

    Then it’s “Gone This Way”.

  9. The fact is music used to be about music. Before MTV and generalized music videos…it was a bout the artist and their music. You didn’t have to be pretty, you didn’t have to be “artsy-fartsy”…and you didn’t have to be so over the top with sex,nudity and all that.
    The music sold itself. It made the listener form their own conceptions about the song. There is great music out there still….you just have to look for it amid all the garbage that is shoved in our faces by suits that obviously don’t know what music is all about..

  10. Madonna could have gone on forever with that original cutsie persona but she turned into some kind of disgusting royal Highness. Everyone grew tired of her arrogance and attitude. Gag-uh launched in full arrogance & attitude which only means she can go one direction — in the toilet like disco. I give her credit for brilliant marketing but the trip will be short — she is done.

  11. I think, with the exception of Taylor Swift, that everyone in the recording industry today would kill to move that many units. Sales drop off rapidly these days so this “news” is no news and only server to kick a person while they’re up.

    I think because America has become a total Welfare State that we now have taken hating people for being successful to a grander scale. I don’t hate people who have earned their wealth regardless of the business they’re in. I still want to be wealthy myself. Some people in the media just seem to have given up on that and can only criticize. How sad.

  12. This means that this week she could finish with around 25,000 copies sold. She has to be making big bucks from endorsements and touring because CD sales are not going to support her lavish lifestyle.

    stick your lavish lifestyle right up your bondoon……

  13. Jackie Evancho is an interesting phenomenon. But instead of appearing on TV and, like all child stars, having her little ego inflated beyond normal proportions by the accolades until her head explodes, she should be living a normal life, practicing classic techniques hard with her normal child-voice and not some contrived adult-opera singer voice. This way, when she does finally mature, and all along the way she will be a joy to listen to. Otherwise, like Ga Ga, she will be destined for an early appointment with the dust-bin of has-beens.

  14. Its not like I take pleasure in her failing but you must admit that she has gotten a big head leading up to this album. She called this album the album of the decade and called herself one of the greatest songwriters and singers of our time. Am not seeing the humble girl her fans claim she is when she says these things. The media was also quick to jump on the gaga bandwagon and made it seem like she was the second coming of Christ to the music industry. These sales show that she isn’t as big as the media made her out to be and I wonder how long it will take before they turn on her. They should be embarassed when they decided to call her the new Queen of Pop especially now that she has fallen so quickly. I guess they can take this as a lesson learned.

  15. Geez give me a friggin break. She has the biggest selling album of the year, is more talented than Madonna will ever be…guess you forgot Madonna didn’t write most of her material, definitely not in the early years, if anything she pays homage to it. She is very talented and you are all hateful, jealous wannabees. And the insipid comment she is from Satan is just misinformed BS. If you read the gospel you will remember that Christ wants you to be all you can, and not the judgemental crap you write.

  16. There sure are a lot of bitter nerds in here. She’s a musician, why put so much effort into hating on her like this?

    Also to all of you people saying she’s a devil-worshipper, I hope one day you realize how pathetic you really look. It honestly blows my mind that you could even think something like that.

  17. All of you haters are the real problem. At least Gaga has the gonads to be herself. If you don’t like her, don’t read about her, don’t listen to her music, don’t look at her costumes. You guys just keep sitting on your lazy asses behind your computers and keep trash talking and see where that gets you. Oh yeh, NO WHERE! She’s the reigning Queen of Pop, who are you again? You might want to think about that before you try and fail to knock someone down because you’re pathetic and you want everyone else to feel the same way. Gaga will be around for a very long time to come. GET USE TO IT!

    p.s… get over the whole “satan worshipper” thing, getting really old :(

  18. Let me put it as delicately as possible: She is an over produced, no talent b-tch, who wears ugly clothes and those stupid shoes created by that happy English designer who killed himself.. She pretends that she is part of an alienated, fat and ugly group of rejects & that feels the empty void that she is just one of them. She is one of them in that she has zero talent and is all about shallow promotion and imitiation.

    Who will remember her in 2 years. She is a female, Boy George.

    Bye, Bye Lady Gag me with a spoon. Rehab is not far away.

  19. Really, folks, do you think that the people in Joplin, Mo. , who are without
    houses or jobs, really care about this “enterainer”? I quit listening to
    pop music in 1987, when it when downhill….glittering prizes and endless
    compromizes have shattered the illusion of intergerity!!

  20. The fact that this article grabbed all of your attention only proves one thing…Gaga has made it BIG! And, you people need to keep your envy in check. Bashing her only makes it easier for her fans like myself to come forward to support her even more. It really doesn’t matter what any of you think since you are not the ones that determine her success, and you know I’m right. Maybe now you can focus on making your own success or perhaps failures is what you thrive on as evident in this entire thread.

  21. When it’s all marketing and gimmicks and no talent, well, ya gets whatcha pays for. She should be doggoned happy her handlers have pulled off the trick for as long as they have. More like lady gag-gag

  22. Not a fan of the Gaga, but…

    Gosh if her music career was “orquestrated by satan” she’d certainly be bit more intersting. Then again, if something like a “satan” really existed this would be a more intersting world.

    And for the record, I love pure stinky cheese. Mmmmm.

  23. “Lady Gaga also finished behind a child, Jackie Evancho. Why anyone wants to listen to an 11 year old sing classical music is beyond me …”

    Thanks for the snarky comment, Roger. I hadn’t realized that JE had a new album. Found out Target is carrying JE’s album wiith bonus tracks. Stopped in and picked one up on the way home. Listening to it as I type. It’s GREAT !!!!

  24. I miss Vynel albums….dont have an ipod,,,never downloaded onto my MP3….music now a days is not worth listening too. Bring the 80’s music back!

  25. the millions of viewed videos on her New World Order Illuminati Nonsense has killed a lot of her sales. One good thing from all of that is how it shows most people don’t want a treasonous New World Order…AKA New World Disorder.

  26. Lady GaGa thought she could appeal to a generation that never heard Madonna’s music, but she failed to realize that those of us who have would call her out. Stephanie Germanata aka Lady GaGa will remain a figure among the homosexual and satanic worshipers, but to the broader market, she has lost her fame.

  27. Gaga is over because people are bored with her. All she had going for her was novelty, and now that’s gone. She’s as real as her silicone implants.

    15 minutes of fame she got. It’s over. She will be forgotten in 15 minutes as well.

  28. I cannot believe how hateful so many of these comments are. Here are some facts: Gaga went from childhood classical piano training (Bach, Mozart, Beethoven) to pop music because it was what she had the courage to do. She has a great voice, and her voice coach (the coach of Bono, Jagger, etc.) attested to that when she was thirteen. So don’t claim she has no talent. People would die to have her musical (and dance) talents. Then there are those crazy people who think she’s a satanist? That’s just ignorant. She is a devout Catholic who has some very complex religious vision. But you have to read the lyrics. You have to see the videos. You have to think. Bottom line: Gaga is a genius, and album sales right now are irrelevant. She made 90 million last year, so don’t cry for her, Argentina. She loves her fans. She is humble. She gives and gives and gives. She is the advocate for all the downtrodden in the world, and you have something mean to say about her? Are you crazy?


  30. Idiot. Without Judas there is no Jesus. Judas helped the guy out. In reality, Jesus was sort of an early suicide by cop type scenario. Are you sure the “god” you worship isn’t satan while the devil you hate isn’t god? A lot of what is in your bible seems to point to that. Satan is the ultimate trickster, right? Idiot.

  31. Maybe it’s because of those god-awful posters everywhere showing her incredibly ugly image? I see them everywhere and she looks like crap. I can’t wait for those posters to go away! And her single “Born This Way” SUCKS! It’s a direct rip-off of Madonna mixed with a rip-off of Pink’s singing style. Only her true fans bought this pile of garbage in the first week or two.

  32. Will somebody tell me where these people come from? How do they (the likes of this moron) get this type of notoriety. As Planetary citizens are we blind to this BS. Suka

  33. I like Gaga’s music. I haven’t heard the new album but the old stuff is catchy and the videos are ab-fab. It’s fun people. Relax.

  34. She is actually very talented. Open your minds, give her a chance, and listen to her sing acoustic. She’s great on the piano, and her voice is natural. Her new album in not her best obviously, but she’s not a terrible singer. Another contributing factor to the decline of sales is the amount of illegal/free downloading that happens recently.
    Old people and mothers are listening to Jackie Evancho; teenagers are listening to Gaga. Mothers don’t download illegally. Teenagers do. It’s pretty logical.
    But saying LG is not talented is taking it a little too far. If you think she’s not talented, you haven’t heard her sing live. She’s very good.

  35. I found Lady Gaga interesting from a music business standpoint, a business which has unfortunately been without any real direction or driving force for quite a while now. If you listen to dance music, which I do not and don’t really care about, her early music was some of the better stuff around in 2008-2009. She quickly became so involved in being quirky and bizarre that she forgot the first rule of music business success – make good music. She followed that mistake with a rapid succession of mistakes – being gross and lewd in public, stating her left-wing political views, letting her fashions get so outrageous they became offensive, not to mention some very offensive videos. With each of those mistakes, she lost credibility and a part of her following, and her image went from that of eccentric high-fashion pop diva to loud-mouthed, brawling street B. The last lackluster effort was simply a predictable end to a spiral that was buoyed lately more by hype and shock value than any real talent – or any good music.

  36. Gaga’s over exposure has resulted in the big shrug from the public to her new alblum. The music isn’t that fresh and her “Born This Way” title song was a direct lift from Madonna’s “Express Yourself” and “Vogue”. After awhile, you need to establish your own personna. Time to reinvent yourself again honey, if you want to survive.

  37. “Why anyone want to listen to an 11 yr old sing classical music is beyond me” – What an idiodic statement. Do you get paid to write this stuff?

  38. oh man, i love all the nobodies on here talking about how talentless Gaga is. haha
    just a bunch of jealous losers sitting in front of your computer, trolling the internet, bashing some gal who writes and performs her own stuff. so she’s not your cup of tea. mine neither but that doesn’t diminish what she’s accomplished.

    what have yall done?

    that’s right. nothing.

    so pathetic.

  39. Being a 64 year old music lover and having lived through the 50s, 60s, and up to the present, I am amazed by the vitriol against this talented woman. She plays, she writes, she composes and she is a premier show woman. When I saw her performance this year at the Grammys I turned to my wife and said I had never seen such a great performance, including Madonna and Britney Spears’ past performances (Both of which seem tame by comparison). Oh, and she ONLY sold a million copies of the latest album in a week, not singles but albums. Even without Amazon, it was platinum in a week for God’s sake. I think she has the music background and training to be successful for years. She’ll change the music business, mark my word. In a decade these naysayers will be complaining about the latest singer of the moment and fondly telling everyone how she is not nearly as good a Lady Gaga!

  40. Not too long ago I read an article about a mother of a now deceased “best” friend of Gaga’s, and the meat of it was that her daughter and Gaga were young together and her daughter was the “inventor” of the bizarre costumes and “personna”, and that Gaga has basically stolen her dead friends’s thoughts and creations after she died and ran with it. If you think of this, then think of the basically “rehashed” Madonna music, sooner or later she had to begin failing. You can only run off of other’s batteries so long, unless you have the spark inside yourself. And obviously she is better at copying other’s creativity than coming up with anything original herself. Really innovative and creative people last a lifetime because the spark of the original creation is within them. Not a fading xerox copy of others’ sparks.

  41. Well, its not a wonder as no artist except one’s with real lasting talent have sales that are immune to plummets. I’m just surprised this one ever got any sales at all, and why then it took so long for this talentless waste ever got this point where it was news worthy (it isn’t) to mention she has spiraling sales figures. Steal/Torrent the crap if you must listen to it, but don’t reward this blunder of a wonder with money for the crap she makes.

  42. Weird Al Yankovic’s “Perform This Way” is both better written and performed than the original as well more authentic than any of the pretend shock schlock of “Lady Gaga”.

  43. Not a fan, hate this type of music, but don’t think for a moment that internet theft isn’t playing a huge role in this. For Gaga and all musicians around the globe. For every one album sold, 100 are thieved.

  44. Lady Gaga?

    What is a Lady Gaga!?

    Do you eat it, drive it or bet on it at an OTB?

    I’m guessing this Lady GooGoo thing has something to do with all that silly, Tweeterer, Fascialbook, societal nutworks stuff, where people with no lives live vicariously through some no talent actor / singer du jour, and send messages to each other about how great SHE is, while they are supposed to be working or going to school really.


    Does she really matter in light of that? If we get nuked or disease bombed or plane rammed again, would she help you!?

    Rome had Lady Gaga’s too you know. The gladiators that they ran after and idolized. How’d that work out for them?

  45. Poor Lady Gag Gag! It would appear she has been found out — she is found, and she’s out. Maybe it’s time for her to release an album of Standards, though those wonderful old tunes require real talent. She could open a costume shop on Melrose Ave., or a meat market … she apparently knows something about that. Tough break, Gag! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  46. Lady Gaga went from being a pop artist who everybody loved, to being a freakin weirdo that only her Monsters understand. She changed too much over the coarse of one album. When you do that, youe lose your fan base. On to the next one cause she is done.

  47. Her sales are down because she has been getting a lot of media exposure and adults are learning how filthy her acts are. Even liberal adults are finding her repulsive and don’t want their children seen this.

  48. The Arbiter,

    word search Henry Makow Lady Gaga and you’ll get the story on Lina Morgana, Stephani Germanotta’s bandmate before she fell ten stories to her death. Sad but interesting story.

  49. If you don’t understand why people want to listen to Jackie Evancho sing then you don’t understand the true nature of diva.

    Yah, she’s just a little girl with a woman’s opera voice, but singing to her is like playing with her dolls and what girl wouldn’t be encouraged by the reaction she gets by playing? In this case she’s singing like no other human being can.

    I’m as jaded as they come but I get Jackie Evancho.

  50. Her rise in the music world was orquestrated by satan. She is a no talent nothing and the fact that she has legions of followers only cements the satanic nature of her success. She “came out” of the devil worshipping closet recently with her ode to JUDAS the betrayer of the Just One, Jesus the Christ. I sincerely hope God allows her to repent before she burns in hell, which right now, is surely her destination. And yes, I can “judge that” because I am not afraid to be judged in that regard. I do not worship the devil. She is nothing, headed towards nothing and sadly so are most of her “followers”. Who are not really following her as much as the power of evil that represents itself through her.

  51. “Lady Gaga also finished behind a child, Jackie Evancho. Why anyone wants to listen to an 11 year old sing classical music is beyond me, but that’s the story right now.”

    Maybe it’s because you haven’t listened to any of her music. It’s much more than “classical”. It’s an emotional, uplifting experience and no artist previously has had this effect on me in decades of listening to many genres of music.

  52. I get a good laugh reading this. That you can’t figure out people wanting to listen to Jackie Evancho (as opposed to “Lady” Ca Ca) speaks volumes about you. Little Jackie is an UNBELIEVABLE talent that has more ability, artistic cache and contribution, let alone class, in the tip of her little finger than “Lady” creep creep could every come close to. It’s good to see that people are rapidly ignoring the ridiculous, outrageous, pretentious , talentless spectacles in lieu of a gifted performer that’s wonderful to hear.

  53. i would want to listen to Jackie because she is a child prodigy and her voice is amazing. have you listened? she is awesome so dont knock it Roger. she’s worth the listen.

  54. Folks are wising up to the recycled hash gaga is. The songs are the same across an album, and are rehashes of 80’s songs. cool back then. cool to relive with originals, but not cool with her. She isn’t edgy, just obviously starving for attention.

  55. What is surprising about this? She’s an ugly, no talent clown who insists on proving her ignorance by opening her big mouth and sharing her 9 yr old wit about the state of the country/world.
    Substituting idiotic behavior and dumb costumes for talent isn’t a recipe for success – and trying to out ‘madonna’ madonna is pathetic, though I’m no fan of her either!

  56. ” Why anyone wants to listen to an 11 year old sing classical music is beyond me”

    Really? Have you ever heard Jackie Evancho sing? But I guess ignorance is bliss in your world, huh?

  57. She’s a tool of Satan. I hope she hits rock bottom and realizes, before it’s too late, that following Satan is stupid. Follow Jesus!

  58. In a day and age where all of her Little Monsters have the Internet and people are making torrents and stuff, who needs to go to iTunes and the store to get this doggone album for sale? Oh honey honey they’re all downloading it. I personally don’t get her appeal. But then again, I only like 2 or 3 of her songs. I like her more as a dancer.

  59. Her “music” is pure stinky cheese. As said before, her 15 minutes is up and now she can become a regular at nasty little rave bars or whatever they are. Her lyrics and music are offensive only in the sense that they are boring. I feel ashamed to be even writing of her silliness but the gym where I exercise plays pop music and invariably her garbage comes over the speakers while I am in the middle of a heavy set. That is the only way I know of her.

  60. “Lady Gaga also finished behind a child, Jackie Evancho. Why anyone wants to listen to an 11 year old sing classical music is beyond me, but that’s the story right now.”


    Maybe because she sings it well?

    Maybe because some people have taste?

    Maybe because an 11 year old that’s able to sing classical music is a pretty special thing?

    Maybe because some people prefer substance?

    Maybe because everyone is not like you?

    Maybe because that 11 year old girl could give away 99% of her talent and still have more talent than you?

    Learned anything yet?

  61. Why are some news outlets saying that she reached 5 million in sales worldwide? I can’t stand her but how can she claim this when it’s obvious that her sales are plummeting?

  62. No talent. Stole everything from Madonna.

    Someday in the future someone else will rehash Madonna’s material and make a fortune then be dumped into obscurity.

  63. Music has gone to hell. They blame priacy for lack of album sales, but we all deep down know the truth. The quality of the music has really degraded. Think about it, every generation a musical revolution has happened. The 60’s and 70’s were huge for rock, the 80’s started bands like Metallica all the way to Michael Jackson. The 90’s brought the grunge era, which sold millions and millions of CDs. The 2000 hit, and now 2010, no musical revolution, nothing new. Record companies dont take risks anymore on original or innovative music, the formula to get signed these days is having an attractive singer (preferably with bizarre fashion style) and maybe 1 or 2 songs that are catchy and radio friendly. So what happens? They get a huge burst of popularity for a year or two if they are lucky, then they disappear because ultimately its the music that keeps people buying CDs, not the image or how hot the vocalist is. Its a sad state of affairs, but its not surprising, when business regulates the distribution of art, the art is made to sell, not to inspire, or to be creative.

  64. To assert that Brittany Spears has the superior talent is laughable. GaGa’s presentation leaves me cold, but the woman has the goods in spades.

  65. All her songs are starting to sound the same. Madonna really had the talent for changing it up and stirring the pot, I say Madonna ’cause GaGa seems to copy a lot of her music from the 80’s.

  66. Her 15 minutes of fame are over.
    She is a worthless no talent fu*k who should have never had 15 minutes of fame anyway anyhow in the first place.

  67. She really screwed the pooch with this over-produced pile of disco-garbage. Her personality – not her personna – is what sells. She needs to step out a little more into the open and expose herself to the love her fans feel for her.

  68. Lady gaga is a no talent evil worshiping shit….her 15 minute of faMe is over……britney spears is way better lady gaga is a gimmick…..music has no substancial means…….here time is up

  69. Roger, thank you for the updates on Lady Gaga. However, I for one am not pitying “poor Lady Gaga.” Let’s face it, album sales aren’t what they used to be. Last year albums had another double-digit decline and haven’t seen an increase in four years. The first six weeks this year, the top albums were all under 100,000 including Taylor Swift, who was No. 1 with 77,000 and 52,000. I don’t feel sorry for her either because she’s doing just fine. Rihanna has also struggled with sales for her album, but with several Top 10 songs from “Loud,” I wouldn’t worry about her either. Like movies, album sales in the U.S. are no longer a predictor of success, rather, international sales are what count (unless, of course, you’re a country singer). I’m so glad for Adele though, she’s a very talented singer who has finally broken into the U.S. market. I like some of her songs, but after a while their “soulfulness” and angst begin to wear on me. How can a 23-year-old be filled with so much bitterness and revenge as she is in “Rolling in the Deep,” after the breakup with her boyfriend? I just hope she gives up her chain-smoking or she’s going to ruin that rich voice of hers.
    By the way, I really like Lady Gaga’s album “Born This Way.” “Government Hooker” has a unique sound, “Americano” about her falling in love with another woman who happens to be an illegal immigrant has a catchy tune. I love the female empowerment of “Sheisse” and “You and I” is a beautiful ballad. Gaga could have cut back the extended album of 17 songs to about a dozen and it would be awesome. As for the song “Born This Way” sounding like Madonna’s “Express Yourself”? A true Madonna fan knows the difference. But listen to the remixes of “Born This Way,” especially the country rock version. It sounds nothing like “Express Yourself,” even though not much is changed. Anyway, Roger, keep up the great posts. I read you everyday.

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