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Doug Morris won’t officially take over at Sony Music until July 5th even though his contract says July 1st. This has to do with prior commitments for the July 4th vacation. Then, just as I told you on March 16th, L.A. Reid follows and joins Morris to run Epic Records. Right now Reid off with the “X Factor” crew judging contestants. Meanwhile, elsewhere at Sony, Peter Edge is expected to run the RCA end of things, while Tom Corson still presides at the company. Basically, Universal and Sony have swapped staffs, with RCA-J-Arista’s Larry Jackson having already moved to Interscope. What fun! Artists will go back and forth. It’s expected that Mariah Carey, upon releasing her last album at Universal, will head back to Sony with Reid. There, she can rejoin her old catalog, Confusing? Sure. That’s why we love it! And meanwhile, Sony has the lead in the race between the two companies with Adele being the hit of the year. And yes, maybe, Sylvia Rhone will turn up somewhere at Sony after leaving Universal Motown recently. It’s all in the game, as Tommy Edwards once put it so succinctly. Meanwhile, no one says a word about Rick Rubin.

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