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If you wait long enough, you, too, can be slimed by Charlie Sheen in public. So it seems, according to a Tweet from a blogger at the final Sheen show, in Everett, Washington. Lindy West, who writes for The Stranger.com. Around 10pm Pacific Time, West tweeted that Sheen reported something that might be construed as libel in certainly in the worst possible taste: that years ago ABC News “20/20” anchor and reporter Elizabeth Vargas performed a sex act on Sheen’s brother, Emilio Estevez in Montana “a million years ago.” Sheen is mad about the way he was portrayed on “20/20” months ago when his roller coaster ride to hell began.

Lindy’s tweet: “He just said that Elizabeth Vargas from 20/20 “s—-d off my brother Emilio in Montana a million years ago.”

It does look like Sheen may be ending his tour on a very sour note, and one that requires immediate retraction and apology. You can read Lindy’s posts at @thelindywest. If her report is correct–and it sure looks like it is–it’s Charlie Sheen’s last wrong turn.

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