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Elizabeth Taylor, who converted to Judaism in 1959, is getting a Jewish funeral today at Forest Lawn cemetery in Glendale, California. It has absolutely nothing to do with Michael Jackson being entombed nearby. It’s simply the preferred cemetery.

Yesterday TMZ made a big deal out of showing — with an arrow–how Taylor would be buried next to her parents in another cemetery. They were wrong, of course, but never really corrected themselves. Anyway, this plan was not Taylor’s original one. She wanted to be buried next to Richard Burton, who died in 1984 and rests in Switzerland.

There was some talk of moving Burton years ago to his homeland in Wales. But his final wife, Sally Burton, didn’t want that to happen. She also didn’t want Taylor and Burton reunited. In 1996 there was an unveiling of a memorial stone in Wales, but the efforts to move Burton were over. Now Taylor, who was American by choice, gets to stay in the US with her own family. If she and Burton hook up in the cosmos, expect more tsunamis and distressed weather patterns!

By the way, if you want the really good stuff on Taylor and Burton, keep reading Liz Smith on www.wowowow.com. No one knew Liz Taylor like Liz Smith, or wrote about her so well. Today Smith says:

“And so I want to end this column, quoting Elizabeth herself.  Not long ago, she told me, “Liz, every scandal, terrible headline, intrusive paparazzi, every lie — everything I came to hate about my fame — now I am so grateful for. Without all that, I never would have been able to do what I have been able to do for AIDS. Fame means nothing. It stopped having meaning for me many years ago. I thought it was absurd that I was still famous, that people still wanted to look at me or write about me.

“Then I saw what was happening with AIDS. That nobody was doing anything. But maybe I could. And I did. And why? Because of my ridiculous fame. My name still meant something. People wanted to pay big money to see if I was fat or have violet eyes or whatever. Bring it on, I thought. And I thanked God that my fame and my life had finally made sense.”

That was the essence of Elizabeth. And it is what I will miss, along with her great sense of humor, not to mention the glamour and fame she often laughed at.

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  1. Dear Elizabeth, I didn’t know you personally in life but met you many times in spirit. From the first time I saw you, I was a child, in “National Velvet” I fell in love with you. I watched and admired you, along with the rest of the world, as you grew up and lived your fabulous and tumultuous life with your partner of choice at the time. But it was fighting AIDS that gave your life real meaning. Fighting for the lives of your friends and admirers, giving back to the people who helped make you the star, and released the caring person that you were. And even after death you gave of yourself to the people sitting in the dark watching your beautiful image on the theaters screen. As a person with AIDS, I can only say thank you for extending my life with joy, beauty and health. I will miss you, and look forward to meeting you some day, some where. Rest in Peace Elizabeth.

  2. I guess she wanted to be buried near Michael Jackson because he was the only man who never used her and that includes all her ex-husbands including Richard Burton who dumped her when she turned 40 and obviously didn’t care if he was bured next to her since he married another woman who would choose where he was buried. Maybe if they had both given up alcohol in time Elizabeth and Richard may have stayed together.

  3. Ms Taylor, about Michael Jackson: “No one knows how much we loved each other.”

    How do you know she didn’t change her mind about where to be buried after his passing? She sat there at Forest Lawn at his burial in 2009, waiting for the ceremony to begin, watching his coffin and his image.

    She could have elected to rest near her parents, or in Wales. She chose Forest Lawn. She was probably not superstitious about death, but she may have thought that since you have to die anyway, why not rest near a very, very dear friend?

    RIP Elizabeth Taylor.

  4. Dame Elizabeth Do Rest In The Sweetest Repos
    By D.K. Milgrim-Heath©2011
    Dame Elizabeth do rest in the sweetest repos-
    Loving, sweet lady now devoid from all your earthly illnesses those.
    Your final goodbye went without any glitch-
    It went so fast no media circus could get its hitch.
    Everything for your funeral lovingly done all your heirs-
    That loved you with all the right reasons that were yours and theirs.
    In your final rest place in privacy and dignity as you wished it to be.
    Full of beauty and grace that was your legacy.
    Dame Elizabeth the world the world is really missing you-
    For all you stood for with all that you aspired to do.
    So were so very much full of love-
    Forever your memory cherishes from earth to heaven above.

  5. Dame Elizabeth Taylor is one of those celebrities whose death makes the world seem like a less happy place to be for a while. Everyone has a list of who they would include or would say have such impact. In addition to Elizabeth Taylor, my list includes Michael Jackson, Princess Diana, and John F. Kennedy Jr. I was a BIG fan of Elizabeth Taylor’s work as an actress, but I came to feel a deeper level of affection for her for all she did on behalf of AIDS, equality, and tolerance — during the Reagan era, no less. A truly heroic lady. Rest in peace, Miss Taylor.

  6. Roger, why does it seem to bother you that Ms. Taylor is being buried near Mr. Jackson? They were very good friends for a long time. This is what Ms. Taylor had to say upon the death of Mr. Jackson: “I don’t think anyone knew how much we loved each other,” Taylor said after his death. “I loved Michael with all my soul and I can’t imagine life without him. We had so much in common and we had such loving fun together.”

  7. Goodbye Elizabeth, you were considered the most beautiful girl in the world at one time. We will miss you and your violet eyes. rest in peace.

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