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Liz Taylor goes to her grave without an official autobiography. Many hacks–like C. David Heymann–did write around books about her. They will undoubtedly turn up everywhere. The only book Taylor wrote, “Elizabeth Taylor Takes Off,” was about weight loss and was published in 1988. It’s out of print. Last year a pair of writers worked with her to publish the love letters between her and Richard Burton. “Furious Love” is still available, and the Vanity Fair excerpt is probably on line. The real friends are George Hamilton, Mickey Rooney, Carrie Fisher, Joan Collins, Liza Minnelli and Taylor’s family. If ex husband Larry Fortensky turns up like a bad penny, or people claiming to have been her “last love.” I’d take all that with a big bucket of salt. Taylor was smart. By never setting any record straight, she leaves her Hollywood legend intact. In months to come, I wouldn’t be surprised if one of her kids turns up with a memoir that will offer some clues to the great star’s mythic life. But until then, we will have to sit back and listen to a lot of gabbing from people who’ve “aggregated” their news from other third party sources. As one insider put it this morning: “She’s taken it all with her.”

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  1. She wrote another book published around 1965 talking about herself and her best friends. Not to mention the one about her pet chipmunk she wrote when she was a girl.

    I heard she was writing a book before her death that would really blow the lid off but I guess that was just a story because I haven’t heard anything about it since,

    Stars writing autobiographies setting the record straight are actually not because no one believes them anyway.

  2. Elizabeth I love you. Thank you for sharing your talent to the World! Thank you for support causes that no one want to be around or involve with …like the “AIDS” cause..at that time celebrities did not wanted to get involve…Her and Madonna where the first ones to step in and of course Michael Jackson who you defended and have been so loyal to him..and much more..
    Thank you LIZ! Thank you! ALL MY LOVE !!!

  3. Elizabeth Taylor was truly our queen Elizabeth. Beauty unsurpassed by anyone. A Legend of the silver screen and a crusader of the once Killer Aids disease. I grew up watching her movies and continue to be mesmerized by her talent and beauty. Her relentless crusade for the rights of those afflected with Aids are now alive and counted as survivors with a treatable condition. Our loss is heaven’s gain! May she again revel in heaven with her beloved Richard and her close friends. Love, your forever admirer RS.

  4. I read somewhere today that she had been negotiating for awhile for a tell all book to be published after she passed on. Any news on that?

  5. What sad sad news, we knew it would come but we hoped in another life, Liz was part of our childhood, her beauty, extravagence, her devotion to AIDS victims, her support of Michael Jackson when everyone else jumped ship!
    An era is over for once and for all-I am too moved for words. MMH

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