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Elizabeth Taylor died this morning in Los Angeles at age 79. Famed actress, lover, hypochondriac, and AIDS activist, Taylor was the biggest star of the modern Hollywood era. Her multiple marriages and soap opera personal life overshadowed her great acting career from age 50 on, but she managed to overcome even the tabloids by becoming the torch bearer for AIDS research as friends like Rock Hudson and Roddy McDowall succumbed to the disease. Expect to see her oldest and best friends, George Hamilton, Jose Eber, and Mickey Rooney, giving statements today and appearing on television. They knew her best, and loved her most. Her other best pal, Michael Jackson, sadly preceded her in death. And what people don’t know is that two years ago, on Easter, Jackson and his kids were with Taylor even as he was rehearsing for his London shows. Their friendship endured just about everything. More to come…

PS I met Liz Taylor once, at the Cannes AmFAR event in 2002. Here’s the column: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,53712,00.html

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  1. What a giant, no pun intended. A huge mega star that they have not been making since her time. She was the only woman as famous as Jackie O. We love you Queen Elizabeth, you reign in our hearts forever!

  2. Sorry to correct you Roger, but the great Roddy McDowall DID NOT die of AIDS. He passed away from brain cancer.

    I can only imagine the wonderful homecoming that Elizabeth met this morning when she passed away. Great friends and lovers past greeting her on the other side. Everyone young and beautiful and in their prime rushing to meet the gorgeous lady of grace, style and mystery.

    Sometimes I think the saying is correct — the living sometimes do envy the dead.

    R.I.P. Beautiful Elizabeth.

  3. I am a fan of this marvelous lady and she will be sorely missed by me. To her family and dearest friends…….be strong and know that she lived and try to continue the work she started. God bless

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