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Rod Stewart has added an eighth child to his burgeoning family. He and wife Penny Lancaster welcomed a second son, Aiden, who joins brother Alistair. If you’re keeping count, Rod has a big brood. Penny is his third wife, although he had  a secen year relationship with Kelly Emberg in between wives number 1 (Alana Hamilton) and number 2 (Rachel Hunter). He also had relationships with two other beauties–Britt Ekland and Bebe Buell.

He has two children (Sean and Kimberly). With Emberg, he has daughter Ruby. With Hunter, he has Renee and Liam. Stewart recently issued his fifth Songbook album, produced by Richard Perry. And he also is releasing a best of the Songbooks album this month. To us all old guys, though, Rod is the guy from the Faces, from “Maggie May” and “Stay with Me.” The 66 year old former rocker, now crooner, could write a book as good as Keith Richard’s, I should think. Rod, we’re waiting!

PS the question now is, can he go for 10? Anything’s possible! But Rod won’t be changing diapers for too long. He starts an arena tour on March 11th with Stevie Nicks.

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  1. Who is going to pay for these kids?

    Oh sure he can cover the costs now, but what about the costs to society when some entitled 18yo is unleashed on the LA party scene after not being parented for a decade by his 80 year old father and jet-setting mother?

    I suspect his 30’s and 40’s will be spent in rehab as a drain on the public coffer.

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