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Tonight in New York: I can’t be there, but I think everyone will be. This would have been Elaine Kaufman’s 82nd birthday, so many dozens of her friends will gather at the legendary bistro to raise a glass to our late, very great pal. Kaufman, who died on December 3rd, will never ever be forgotten. It’s already a tribute to Elaine that the restaurant’s business is booming. Happy Birthday, Elaine… 

…What happened to Gawker? Unless I read it on my Blackberry or Ipad, it’s impossible to figure out what the heck is going on. Nick Denton has redesigned all his sites, including my favorite, Gizmodo, but the results are very weird. Nick, switch back or give us a way to choose “classic” Gawker. This has all the earmarks of the Tropicana or Coca Cola logo switch…

…Scientology is panicking in light of The New Yorker article that just reams them. The sect is running long commercials on local Los Angeles television proclaiming their love of all people, and their loathing of war, etc. Jeez.

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  1. Scientology is all about love; their love of getting your money.

    And wars? They hate them! People spend too much money on war, they could be spending on the Bridge to Total Xenu.

    I loved the Wright article. I wish the Hollywood Scilebrities would all jump on the bridge to read all 26 pages of it, and think about what their club is really about.

  2. Well Roger, it was bound to happen: Scientology is running an ad on this very page.
    Of course any site critical of the sect is targeted for an ad. It proclaims “see why it’s the fastest growing “religion” of the 21st century!”
    That they can still say that with a straight face is mind-boggling.

  3. Scientology commercials are running on LA TV since years and a new series started in October 2010 (media reported). Maybe you ignored them till now?

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