Home Media Pneumonia Keeps Scott Rudin From WGA; “Modern Family” Wins for Comedy

The grind of having two Oscar nominations for Best Picture has taken its toll on producer Scott Rudin. Sony Pictures chief Amy Pascal stepped in for him tonight in Hollywood at the WGA Awards, saying that Rudin has pneumonia and couldn’t make it. Pascal went on to present a lifetime achievement award to screenwriter Steve Zaillian. Rudin doesn’t like awards shows and big parties anyway. But strong antibiotics and rest should have him back in fighting form by Oscar weekend…

…”Modern Family’ won the WGA tonight for Best TV comedy. I know people love this show, and it’s new–awards go to new shows because of the novelty. But how could it be better than “30 Rock” or “The Office”? It doesn’t seem possible.

…Everyone at the WGA gets some kind of Skype branded camera. Leah Sydney reports that “Spider Man” Andrew Garfield and girlfriend Shannon Woodward made sure to get theirs. After all, they are English people in the US, with families and friends thousands of miles away…

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  1. I am a huge 30 Rock and Office fan. The Office is my favorite comedy on air.
    But, I think Modern Family deserves the award more. I laugh 5 times as much when watching MF.

    Newer shows are often much more consistent. The Office was much better in seasons 2,3 and 4.

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