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So who had the latest of the late night Golden Globe party?

If you were at the Chateau Marmont around 4am, the answer was easy. The legendary Hollywood celeb hotel was literally ablaze with lights in all the windows. The restaurant and outdoor patio were buzzing, and outside there were lines of limos and livery cars, as well as the token autograph hounds and paparazzi.

Inside, a big group ordered a marathon dinner of spaghetti bolognese–maybe 18 in total including the “Blue Valentine” gang of Ryan Gosling, Michelle Williams, director Derek Cianfance, producer Jamie Patricof, as well as Harvey Weinstein, Jake Gyllenhaal, and John Corbett. Out on the patio, “Chuck” and “Tangled” star Zack Levi dined with some pals. There were rumors of private parties in all the bungalows. It was a confluence of events–Golden Globe night and the Martin Luther King holiday.

Many of the revelers had arrived from the CAA agency party down the street at the Sunset Towers Hotel. Guests like Leonardo Di Caprio, Julianne Moore and Bart Freundlich, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban chowed down on sliders and reviewed the evening’s events. Quentin Tarantino was involved in a long director’s discourse with Chris Evans, while “Entourage” star Kevin Connolly and his own entourage formed a posse on the terrace.  With Michelle Williams, Emma Stone, Jake Gyllenhaal, Andrew Garfield, it was certainly the hot spot for the cool kids.

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