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Michael Douglas–fresh from his spectacular recovery from throat cancer–is set to present the Best Picture award tonight at the Golden Globes.

This will make for good, emotional live television. Watch for a thunderous standing ovation as Douglas takes the stage at the end of the show.

Douglas may also be on stage at the beginning of the show too. Scarlett Johansson is presenting Best Supporting Actor. And although Christian Bale and Geoffrey Rush–who flew in from Australia–are more likely winners, Douglas could nab the prize for his work on “Wall Street 2.”

Douglas and dad Kirk Douglas have long been Golden Globe favorites. A few years ago, the Hollywood Foreign Press even made a cash donation to the Douglas Family Foundation to ensure their presence for Michael’s lifetime achievement award.

Either way, it will be great to see Michael on stage, victorious and healthy, iwth beautiful Oscar winning wife Catherine Zeta Jones by his side.

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  1. Stage 4 throat cancer. It’s deadly AND highly misunderstood. MANY people get this from HPV virus from kissing, 20 years ago. It imbeds itself and slowly over time turns into cancer. My husband fought stage 4 cancer. An accountant, father of two daughters, never smoked, light casual drinker, who never “earned this”. People that judge who you are by the cancer…best you take care to not face your own reality with it. HPV is on grocerycart handles, it’s e erywhere. Our kids touch it on surfaces every day. There are 100’s of HPV strains. Wash your hands. And thank your lucky stars that your wife isn’t writing about you. PS. He’s our hero and he’s cancer free. Amen. Mr Douglas, and your dear wife, I wish you love and comfort all of your days.

  2. You are truly the man Mr. Douglas. I’m very glad to hear that you are cancer free. May God bless you.
    As for the internet judging, healthy or cancer free, whats the difference? Both are good. And as far as smoking his way to bad health, why is that your business? People smoke because THEY want to. If people judged themselves only and were real with themselves, the world would be a much better place.

  3. i know a very HIGH fucntion hoemLESS guy who 4 THIRTY years has lived on the street. michael DOUGlas personally solicted him 2 stay @ his homeless shelter, tooured HIM the whole deal & the guy left w/ the voucher that showed he came 2 facility . MD & his dad don’t admit how much & many they help in SM..

    kudos 2 the family of theKIRK b4 i was theKIRK

  4. Fine, but will he admit to smoking his way to bad health and implore those watching to mind their health better than he did?? Or, another Hollywood ‘look at me’ moment??

  5. Go Michael Go!

    Here is one of the all-time best. I knew he would recover, he is always strong. Great actor, great man. Same as his father. The best of luck to him, and to all the nominee’s. Thank you!

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