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The Best Actress race is starting to take on its own personality.

For one thing, Natalie Portman may be in the same position Eddie Murphy found himself in a few years ago. Murphy, considered hot for Best Supporting Actor in  “Dreamgirls,” is thought to have undone himself by releasing “Norbit” A hideous comedy, the movie kicked Murphy back several notches. Winning the Golden Globe didn’t help either. Alan Arkin won the Oscar instead for “Little Miss Sunshine.” Murphy and his entourage got up and and walked out the Oscars in the middle of the show.

Portman, so hot herself right now in “Black Swan,” has some unfortunate releases coming up as awards season unfolds. “No Strings Attached” seems to be the coarse version of “Love and Other Drugs.” Foul language and situations, juvenile behavior–Portman is wasted in a “friends with benefits” relationship with Ashton Kutcher. Oy. The Ashton Kutcher library is really getting great. Circle January 21st for this disaster.

Then there’s Portman’s straight to video “The Other Woman.” This is a little bit of everything–“Stepmom” meets “An Unmarried Woman.” Natalie breaks up a marriage, has to deal with a stepson, gets pregnant with the new husband, and then the new child dies. She and the stepkid bond. Yikes. It’s hard to say which of these two films is “Norbit” and which is “Pluto Nash.” And get this: “The Other Woman” is already on Time Warner’s video on demand.

“The Other Woman” is also Lisa Kudrow‘s 99th bad movie with Don Roos. He made one good movie, “The Opposite of Sex.” The rest have been terrible. Kudrow should have been the biggest TV star of the 2000s. She could be Mary Tyler Moore and Lucille Ball all rolled into one. She just needs a great sitcom built around her in which the other characters like her. Is it that hard to do?

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  1. hmm…will this film hurt natalie’s chances with oscar… it could, but what will hurt her most, is the fact that she has no acting ability whatsoever!

  2. I am very disappointed. I just keep thinking that Natalie Portman graduated from Harvard, and is a strong female actress. Why would she want to star in what appears to be a really sexist, simple, unintentionally upsetting movie like No Strings Attached?

    I keep thinking of the two lines I remember from the No Strings Attached preview I encountered on television. A friend of Ashton’s character turns to him, regarding marriage, and says something like, “years from now, you’re going to be having sex and one of you will be asleep.” and a friend of Natalie’s character says that they should “get laid tonight” and “we are dirty, dirty sluts.”

    I feel like they could just take clips of the American Pie movies, congeal them into a awful movie mix and release that instead and have the same result.

  3. Ashton should go back to TV. Its a much better vehicle for celebrity than film, where people have to cough money to watch.

    Hopefully this won’t effect Portman like it did to Murphy. Norbit seems like a career ending monstrosity, which it effectively has been. FWB seems to just be a bit of a mistake.

  4. Glad that somebody else feels the same way about Portman Claudia. Her fans are scary delusional.

    I read her performance in B Swan supposed to be one for the ages and for me it was nothing great at all. And is that what it takes to win Best Actress now? Turning your leads into made for ready w—– by throwing in a random girl on girl sex scene that the director and lead admitted they threw in just to put people in the seats?

  5. I like Natalie Portman, I had great fun at her SNL hip hop thing and I would have loved to see her as Lisbeth Salander. I agree on Leon though, it got good reviews because the always good Jean Reno was in it and Natalie as a kid acted well. But it was definitely full of creepy child sex.

  6. Ashton Kutcher is a big fat joke ! He knows how to get media attention when he needs it. Kutcher used to date January Jones, and he told her she was a horrible actress with no acting future. Now, look, January Jones is on a quality show , ” Mad Men,” and she is getting good kudos and award nominations for a solid turn on this great show. I bet my life , Ms. Jones is laughing at Ashton’s career predicament . The guy has never given a decent performance nor acted in a decent tv show or film. . I am sure he is hoping the next awful Garry Marshall rom-com ( ” New Year’s Eve “) will do wonders for his acting career.

  7. It happens all the time with best actress winners — assuming she’s going to win. They’ve signed and finished a dud of a movie. This looks like Eddie Murphy & Norbit all over again. If Hailie gets the best actress nod, she could upset Natalie.
    But yeh, these movies look bad.

  8. Natalie Portman is one of the worst actresses working in Hollywood. She has been terrible in everything she has done since Leon. Her horrible wooden acting in Closer and The Prequels was rage inducing.

    People only like her because they still have a pedophile errection from Leon… a highly overrated movie written and directed by a pedophile who was in his 30s when he met his then 12 yer old future wife.

    I can’t stand Portman or her creeper sexual deviant fans, especially when they insist this talent-devoid dimwit can act.

  9. I’m still surprised by the following movies that Natalie has coming out; the most suprising being No Strings Attached (why)and Your Highness. Seriously!! I understand James Franco doing Your Highness cos hes James Franco (lol).

    I guess Natalie just wants a little more variety and more fun movies. I think shell be alright cos people know shes talented plus The Other Woman looks alright.

  10. any actor, director or creative person of quality ought not make a movie with Ashton Kutcher, it is the kiss of death.

    His movies are horrible and just stink. Sorry just saying it like it is. Remember his most recent titles SPREAD, KILLERS and Personal Effects?? these are his bombs from the last year and a half.

    Sadly, he continues to be able to make movies based on his being a celebrity, not his acting or box office appeal. Now… Natalie Portman ought to have had better sense. but she is taking the paycheck approach.

    oh well, she used to be a great actress in almost every movie she appeared in, even if it co-starred the abominable Jar Jar Binks. Now… her agent ought to be fired. Don’t just take the $$, make smart decisions

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