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There are lots of ‘canned’ reactions from various Globe nominees all over the place today. But our own Randee Dawn got these reactions from two friends–Chuck Lorre, who produces “The Big Bang Theory,” and Chris Lloyd, executive producer of “Modern Family.”

Chuck Lorre:

“I have no idea why it took so long to be nominated – I’m just really grateful the show got acknowledged.”

“It’s a terrific party, I have to tell you. You get to see all of these iconic film stars, and the cast of a great TV show at the next table; it’s pretty exciting. When I was last there – it was when we were nominated for ‘Dharma & Greg,’ I think, and we didn’t win but we got to the party. The liquor flows, so it’s a pretty surreal experience and I remember trying to convince [“Modern Family” creator] Chris Lloyd and Arleen Sorkin – who had been living together for a long time – that it was best that they get married. I made myself a big nuisance. But they ultimately did get married. Chris and Steven Levitan got nominated this year, too, so it’ll be great to see them – it’s so nice to see other writers and hang out with other writers when you’re not carrying picket signs around the Fox lot. We don’t get a lot of other chances.”

Chris Lloyd, EP of “Modern Family”

“Why does the show appeal to the international press?  We certainly have an international flavor, not just with Sofia [Vergara, nominee] but also perhaps with an European approach to family, the rules are a little more loosey goosey — which might appeal to them.”

“I really have felt all along that Sofia is kind of a secret weapon of ours. She’s a clown in the body of a goddess and she just surprises us week in and week out with her comedic abilities.”

“I plan on comporting myself with complete dignity! I can’t recall if they put champagne on the tables any more – I think they do, so that plan may go awry.”

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