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The National Board of Review is not a great indicator of the Academy Award.

The NBR has chosen the Best Picture only 7 times in the last 20 years. They’ve only picked it three times in the last decade.

What the NBR does do is build up false hopes. They were the ones who got the “Up in the Air” crowd riled up. They were very disappointed later.

2010     The Social Network
2009     Up in the Air
2008     Slumdog Millionaire- won the Oscar
2007     No Country for Old Men – won the Oscar
2006     Letters from Iwo Jima
2005     Good Night, And Good Luck
2004     Finding Neverland
2003     Mystic River – won the Oscar corrected: lost to “Lord of the Rings”
2002     The Hours
2001     Moulin Rouge
2000     Quills
1999     American Beauty – won the Oscar
1998     Gods and Monsters
1997     L.A. Confidential
1996     Shine
1995     Sense & Sensibility
1994     Pulp Fiction  (tie) Forrest Gump – won the Oscar
1993     Schindler’s List – won the Oscar
1992     Howards End
1991     The Silence of the Lambs – won the Oscar

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