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Oprah’s Michael Jackson show has just ended. Her interviews with Katherine and Joseph Jackson produced a lot of lies, some tears, and a great deal of insincerity.

On the positive side: Michael’s kids are terrific. From Oprah’s interview with them at the end of the show you can see especially that Prince and Paris have somehow weathered the storm. Michael’s choice of Debbie Rowe as a mother for his children turns out to be prescient. Paris looks and sounds just like her: determined and smart. And she’s only 12.

What did the Jackson parents lie about? Katherine has a faulty memory of how she learned her son was dead. Michael’s manager, Frank DiLeo told her after calling her nephew and summoning them to the hospital. Dr. Conrad Murray was in the room. She asked him  a few questions. But it was DiLeo who was with Michael when he was pronounced dead, and told Mrs. Jackson because they were friends. It was DiLeo who also told Michael’s kids that their father was dead. Paris, he recalled, starting screaming, “I’m an orphan!” It was then that DiLeo brought the kids in to see Mrs. Jackson, who did not really know them well at all.

More: Katherine Jackson has filed for divorce from Joseph Jackson twice since 1970. A few months ago, she was ready to do it again. Joe Jackson has fathered at least one child outside their marriage. All of this has been well documented. I wrote the about the divorce filings almost exactly six years ago at http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,137049,00.html

Oprah didn’t go after Joe Jackson too hard on beating the kids. I suppose she figures everyone knows it. Michael was indeed terrified of his father. Joe Jackson didn’t just use a strap. He locked Michael in a closet if he didn’t perform correctly during rehearsals for the Jackson 5. He told me in 2001 that he would “beat their backs” if the children misbehaved. He is an onerous human being.

I questioned Joe Jackson in 2001 about beating Michael. Here’s the column: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,137049,00.html

The subject of beating produced an interesting reaction from Katherine Jackson. “That’s the way black people raise their children,” she told Oprah. I rather doubt most black people in Oprah’s audience would concur. That quote should be the subject of much discussion, I think.

Interestingly, Oprah didn’t ask Mrs. Jackson why all those kids were living in the house when she’s been ordered to clear them out by the family court judge. She didn’t ask Joe Jackson about suing to get an allowance from Michael’s estate, or suing to remove the executors, or trying to cash in on Michael’s death.

But she couldn’t do everything, and the interviews with the kids at the end were pure gold. Everyone thought Michael Jackson was completely crazy. He was drug dependent. But it turns out he was a good father. That’s going to be his most important legacy.

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  1. Why dont you guys just leave the Jackson Family Alone.. and Michael Did not Have Surgery on anything he got plastic surgery for his nose cause he broke it… and why do You guys insist on messing with the jackson family what ever gose in the jackson Family stays in the jackson family!! And Debbie Rowe left her Two Children (Prince and paris) when they where youngerand Mike’s nanny helped out with the children not Debbie she didnt even wan Prince and Paris to call her Mom and paris barely know Debbie… and Michael never chose her a legal gardean of his children!! he chose his Mother, and his sister Janet Jackson and La Toya Jackson.. so if you Guys really have any Questions about the Jacksons Ask the Jacksons!! Not Anyone Elase please…..Stop going off what other people say and Just ask the Jacksons….! Thanks GoodBye!!<33

  2. Roger, those are not the only details Mrs. Jackson got wrong. It’s sp strange how little his family seems to know him sometimes. She said that he became addicted to pain killers after his burm from the Pepsi comercial, but it was actually years later and he made a point to stop taling painkillers after the burn as soon as he could. Also, she said that Michael and Randy wrote the song “Dancing machine”, which is not true. Ii wish she would not have done the interview with Oprah, but I guess if we were wishing for things, I wish there would not be a reason for the interview and he would still be with us today.

  3. mr. jackson’s treatment of his sons may have been horrendous…but remember, mrs. jackson was fully aware of the treatment and allowed her children to be beaten on a regular basis….is she any better than her husband?????

  4. a few months ago, mrs. jackson filed a lawsuit blaming a production company for michael’s death…she said the production company worked the 50 year old superstar too hard. mrs. jackson wanted big bucks..ii bthe public went into an uprorar and called mrs. jackson greedy and a liar.

    now that mrs. jackson will be receiving a percentage of the upcoming ‘michael jackson’ show, the shrewd woman contacted another shrewd woman – oprah – to do a puff piece interview to try to keep mrs. jackson’s detractors at bay….the only purpose is to show that the three kids are not being ill treated…well, there’s no black and blue marks on them….we’ll have to wait at leaast another ten years for prince, paris, and blanket to write a book about growing up with their grandparents and a dozen relatives – all living off michael jackson’s money.

    i believe there are lawyers who secure michael’s kids’ money until they become adults…the money is not in the hands of the jackson family…thank God.

  5. I’m no worshipper of Ms. Jackson, but how bizarrely cruel to publish an article characterizing this grieving mother’s recollection of unimportant details in how precisely she learned of her son’s death as “lies” and “insincerity.” She said she remembers little, as one might expect, and mostly recalls just being overwhelmed with her own grief and that of Michael’s screaming children.

    So incredibly pointless and meanspirited, Jesus. Are you made of stone?

    Do you do this just so you’re not accused of being too favorable to MJ? While you’re to be commended in your growing respect for MJ as we learn more about him, if it means his own mother’s reputation must be sacrificed just to keep you looking balanced, it’s so not worth it.

    But yes, the children were marvelous, and it’s becoming clear Michael knew what he was doing when he married their mother.

  6. Roger, didn’t Katherine Jackson say that she didn’t know the kids were there, at the hospital, when she arrived? For me it’s clear: Conrad Murray told KJ and, someone else – Frank DeLeo, told the kids.

  7. I was very disturbed by the whole show. You could tell Mrs. Jackson really did not know Michael or anything about him. Mr. Jackson bragging his kids were not on drugs and Michael was a drug addict most of his adult life. He was very strange and did love his kids. But the whole candy and over indulge thing. Those poor, sweet kids are living in an orphanage now with all of the brother’s ex-wives still living off Michaels’ money. They should be ashamed of themselves and Mr. Jackson showing up to be on Oprah. Talking about missing his son, you mean the money. The CPS told them there are to many kids living there. And, they removed the kids nanny who helped raise them. I feel sorry for those sweet kids. Hopefully, they will survive being raised in this dysfunctional family.

  8. I think this whole article is a farce. What a jerk to target an 80 year old woman, referring to her as a LIAR. Roger, you seriously need to check yourself. Because, legitimate reporting consists of fact finding and validation; not finger pointing and assumptions based on unproven information. And, after reading this mess, I will not be returning because I DO NOT consider this to be a respectable site, capable of reporting legitimate news. This is just some half jointed site, built on personal assumptions and idol gossip. Who needs that!!!!!!!

  9. Katherine was also not honest when she said MJ only had surgery on his nose. Although she admitted that it was more than 2 nose surgeries, she denied that he had his eyes, cheeks, chin, etc done. Anyone can see he had WAY more than just his nose altered – he practically had his entire face reconstructed.

  10. I think GETREAL has actually said it. Spanking by blacks is done in the spirit of disciplining. I believe Joe Jackson is the one that discovered MJ’s talent and nurtured it to the point where he became famous. The spanking may not have gone down well with others but let’s give Joe the credit….

  11. Sorry Roger but I know MJ’s vocals. I would love for him to have sang that song but it’s not him. Google Jason Malachi and see for yourself. Even if there are some MJ vocals dropped in here and there, the Cascio’s or Sony definitely hired an impostor. Why do 80% of all major MJ fans believe that it’s not him. We know his voice like most don’t

  12. Black people discipline their children with whoppings more so than other races. As a whole black children are more respectful of their parents because of that.

  13. Roger-

    Many black people give their kids “whoopings.” Its obvious you don’t know much about black culture then and now. Joe Jackson did what many families did to keep their kids in line like he said. It the reason why American society is all messed up because the youth can do whatever they want because people like you think giving spankings are unlawful. Say what you want about Joe Jackson, he raised a good family and kept them out of trouble for the most part.

  14. I think Paris has turned out very well and it has nothing to do with Debbie Rowe. There has been someone who likely has been a mother figure to those children behind the scenes, think hard enough and we all know who she is, and it is not Debbie or Diana Ross.

  15. Roger, do you at least agree that it doesn’t sound like MJ’s voice on the track, even though you believe it’s him?

    Hmm you’re clearly not a fan of Katharine Jackson but you sure like Debbie Rowe!

  16. She’s an 80 year old woman who just got told her son died. Who she was extremely close with. So she can’t remember a the details. Let’s cut her some slack…

  17. Yes, Katherine Jackson lied several times during the Oprah interview.
    You are right, Mr. Friedman, Michael Jackson’s children(Prince, Paris, and Blanket) are pure gold. God Bless and protect them.

  18. Roger, you are one of those so-called “journalist” that called Michael Jackson “Jacko” when he was alive. Now you treat him with respect? Parasite!

  19. Roger don’t you ever get tired?

    Katheinr and joe were referring to the rumors of a divorce from this summer, they both denied it and you were fooled by the tabloids, why would they get a divorce after 61 years?

    Lies katherine knew her grandchildren, last spring michael and his parent were seen spending a day together with his kids. Also in 2007 when michael went to japan i bet you didn’t know katherinw was there also or that when the kids were born katherine spent weeks at neverland. Also katherine stayed at neverland during the entire trial because she attended court everyday with him.

    Please roger don’t sperad lies of of your personal opinions of the jacksons.

  20. Thank you Roger!!! I love “Breaking News” – I’ve been dancing at my desk all day from it. It feels good to hear his voice again with something new and exciting!

  21. You can live in a weird world of conspiracy theories that suit your fantasies. These are the facts. And it’s Michael’s voice on the tracks. The fans should get over it, and be happy that Michael left you some good work.

  22. Why should we believe Frank Dileo’s version of events over Katherine Jackson’s? The idea that Paris started screaming “I’m an orphan!” just doesn’t play. No one else has reported it. It’s not something a “determined and smart” little girl would say – although I did get a kick out of you ascribing Paris’ positive characteristics to Debbie Rowe. You should credit Michael Jackson and Grace Rwaramba; they’re the ones who raised her. Paris called Grace “Mom”, not Debbie Rowe.

    “Everyone thought Michael Jackson was completely crazy.”

    Actually everyone didn’t think that. Like the rest of the tabloided media, you may want people to believe that, Roger. But it isn’t remotely true.

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