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Celine Dion has named her twin boys Nelson and Eddy.

They are not named for Nelson Eddy, the famed singer-movie star of the 1940s who co-starred with Jeanette MacDonald in a bunch of hit movies. Nelson Eddy was like the Josh Groban or Michael Buble of the 40s–a trained opera singer who turned pop.

No, the twins are named Nelson–for Nelson Mandela–and Eddy for the producer who worked with Celine on her first five albums.

But still, anyone over 70, upon hearing the names, will think otherwise. Keep that in mind.


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  1. Nelson Eddy was not “like the Josh Groban or Michael Buble of the 40s”. He was like, well, Nelson Eddy. There are many people younger than 70 who know of Jeanette & Nelson, whether they are fans or not. I’m not even 2 decades old and I know who they were. My grandma, on the other hand, is 74 and doesn’t know who they were. She once asked me if they were comedians!

  2. hi- well i think the names denote strength-and yes i am a nelson eddy and jeanette macdonald fan-they were the rock stars of the 1930’s with body guards and photogs everywhere they went-
    it seems american’s have a shorter memory than our european countires have- as they quite remember america’s singing sweethearts nelson was a true american baritone and he and jeanette were considered crossover artists – even rne fleming remarked on how versatile and talented they truly were-
    celine chose well for folks she admired but more of us than you realize love this choiceof names for our beloved classic movie stars

  3. Josh does not have the charisma or talent of Nelson Eddy. Nothing against Josh, but he will never be as good as Nelson was and still is, thanks to Turner Classic movies.n

  4. Ahem, another youthful fan of Nelson Eddy and his Jeanette MacDonald here! You don’t have to be from their era to appreicate their music or their romantic fils!!! Nelson possessed the most magnificent baritone voice a man ever had! So yes, my first thought was, good going Celine, you named them after Nelson Eddy! Mandella? Eh, okay, whatever.

  5. The Josh Groban of the 40’s? That’s a new one. Nelson Eddy blew them away back then. He packed them in at his concerts, made movie history with Jeanette MacDonald and then took his talents on the road to fill nightclubs all over the world for years. Josh should be proud to be considered the Nelson Eddy of his time..but he has a long way to go.

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