Home Celebrity Mariah Tells Us: “I Really Will Be Happy Either Way”–Boy or Girl

All these stories about Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon having a boy–they are concocted.

Mariah sent me an email last night that I will share with you about the baby’s gender.

She wrote: “We don’t know yet- I promise! I really will be happy either way!”

Mariah and Nick have a three part sit down with Billy Bush on “Access Hollywood” starting tonight. This morning, Billy promo’s the announcement on the Today show.

Mariah will be home in bed, feet up, watching the show. Or maybe, fast asleep, and will watch the playback later today.

Either way, that’s the story. Baby coming in early spring. Album out on Tuesday.

And not one of the stories posted about all this was true or factual in any way.

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  1. […] Mariah Carey does not wish to reveal the date for his birth because she said she had a miscarriage two years ago. According to her husband, this loss has “enhanced [their] relationship … It was so well managed.” The Diva has simply stated that she was still in “early stages” of her pregnancy, she should “give birth in spring, and that the experience had been” brilliant “. Now the rumor that ran for several months is confirmed, and there remains a question, that of the baby’s sex. Some already say that it’s a boy, the diva said she does not “know yet” and she “will be happy whatever happens.” […]

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