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It’s not easy putting out this new Michael Jackson album. In fact, it’s turned into a war among family and friends.

There are big, big problems concerning which tracks to put on an album of unreleased material that’s supposed to be in stores for Christmas. Right now, even as you read this, Sony Music is struggling with all the parties involved to finalize details and start making CDs.

The biggest issues have come because of what’s known as the “Cascio” tracks. Five of them are so good that they’ve been slated for inclusion. But there’s the rub. According to sources, co-executor John McClain has poisoned the water with Katherine Jackson regarding the Cascio family. On Monday, Mrs. Jackson apparently insisted that no tracks from the Cascio sessions be included.

Adding to the anti-Cascio field are Tito Jackson‘s sons, known as the 3 T’s. The middle T, Taryll, is said to be very bitter about the Cascios. “For years the T’s tried to get Michael to record their songs,” says an insider. “Now they’re faced with the fact that Michael recorded with the Cascios, and not them. They’re not happy.”

Adding to the trouble is that the T’s and McClain have evidently drawn Michael’s two eldest children into the fight. Prince and Paris were with their father when he stayed at the New Jersey home of close family friends Dominic and Connie Cascio from August to November, 2007. They witnessed their father working with Cascio sons Eddie and Frank, and singer Bobby Ewing.

The Ts, who are close to the children, especially Terrell, according to sources, have pressured the children to say the vocals on the tracks are not those of their father. Initially, Prince Jackson, 13, had vouched for the recordings. But recently, an email was sent to the estate’s executors from Paris, 11, claiming the voice belongs to an impostor. The only problem, sources say, is that the email was time stamped while Paris was in school.

In the end, it may not matter what the Ts, Michael’s children, or his mother, or John McClain thinks. Sony made a deal with the estate earlier this year that could be worth $200 million. They’re so keen on the Cascio tracks they even hired forensic audiologists to make sure the vocals are Michael’s and not those of an imitator. The Jackson family will likely have to accept those findings and let the estate and Sony proceed with the album.

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  1. Hello? Michael did record with 3T. He recorded “Why” (in which Michael wrote the song) with them and “I Need You”. How can you say they were “not happy” cuz he recored with somone else.

  2. Just wanted to say that all of the “haters” on here with their uneducated slander and cruel comments about Michael, just seriously do your homework for once and for all time. Its really sad that you don’t know what you are talking about at all. Regarding the released songs to be on this album, Mrs. Jackson will not have imposters singing on Michael’s releases.

  3. I totally believe there could be bad blood between the Cascio brothers and 3T over who MJ recorded with. That wouldn’t surprise me at all.

    However, I am extremely skeptical about the whole idea that Katherine has any real say over anything concerning the estate.

  4. Just do the album! Stop the in-fighting and release the best songs. Stop thinking about yourselves and think of Michael’s legacy, if just one song isnt included purely because of politics then you have all done wrong by Mike.

  5. hey MJ insider, what is your email and i will gladly email you to find out what is going on with this album. all i know is i cant wait to hear it and not having a release date so close to november worries me that i wont be hearing it anytime soon!

  6. According to the 3t website, Tito’s sons are called Taj, Taryll and TJ. Furthermore, it is not proven that those hundreds of songs from MJ really exist. A lot of hype and hearsay always surrounded all things MJ and just a few facts. as to the obviuosly fake email of Paris, this dispute around the record may well have arisen this fall.

  7. The Jackson’s are united as one strong front and love each other tremendously. There is no war going on inside that family, so everyone rest assured … Roger: EAT YOUR HEART OUT!!

    No one should ever underestimate Mike’s decisions, he knew exactly what he was doing when he appointed McClain and Branca to run his estate, and so far they have done nothing but a great job.

    Anyone reading between the lines can see for a FACT that Roger has jumped on the Cascio’s bandwagon, and is trying to mud the waters. What’s your dog in the fight Roger? You fall into the same category of Bashir, Geller, Diamond, Sneddon, Shmuley, Arvizo’s, Chandler’s and all the other haters out to destroy Mike. Justice will prevail, all in good time!

  8. This is the same crap that Michael had to deal with when trying to deal with his family. Fighting and jealousy, I hope this is not true. They are disrespecting Michael and worse they are already beginning to try to manipulate his kids. Michael loved and respected the Cascio family-they were very kind to him and never in all these years have I ever seen their name trying to exploit the close friendship he had with them! The family needs to stay out of this!

  9. This story makes no sense whatsoever. Katherine Jackson has to go to court to get her allowance increased, but she suddenly has control over what tracks go on MJ’s album? 3T (not “the 3Ts) DID record with their Uncle Michael. An email from Paris is time-stamped when she was in school, and yet EVERY media outlet in creation reported that, until this fall, the Jackson children had never attended school. (It wasn’t true, but since when is the truth important when you’re reporting on Michael Jackson.)

    Long ago, it was reported that MJ had at least 200 finished recordings that he intended as a legacy for his children. These songs were not under the control of Sony, a company that MJ despised. What happened to them?

    If the Cascio tracks are so good, why haven’t they produced any notable recordings before now, with Bobby Ewing, or anybody else? This story stinks to high heaven, in all aspects. But if Michael Jackson Jr. and Paris Jackson (who’s 12, not 11) have doubts about the recordings provenance, I’d go with their opinion.

  10. Only Prince, Paris and Prince Michael II (Blanket) should decide what songs to be released on behalf of their father. No other Jackson family member has the right IMO – not even Katherine. Michael’s children are his legacy and they will do what is right in honor of their Daddy. They are intelligent and mature beyond their years….just as Michael was. Having Michael’s children’s blessing on all things Daddy will likely guarantee acceptance by society IMO… because it is clear that they were his life and he was theirs.

    God Bless you Michael, your children and your family.
    Forever LOVE.

  11. u really wanna know what’s going on with this new album then email me and i’ll tell you. there’s no reason to post this crap when the truth is so easy to find.

  12. I wish people would stop fighting did anybody ever listen to Michaels songs.
    He was free in working with whoever he wanted .
    It should be like that ,i think people need to read his lyrics again.
    Stop fighting about someone who belong to himself not to anyone else .

  13. Roger, I um….I don’t know about you sometimes. Katherine mad at the Cascios? 3T jealous? Prince changing his story at the request of John McClain? Someone posing as Paris via email? You actually posted this?

  14. This sounds like a red herring to me, frankly. There seems to a wide concensus from many sources that there is a veritable treasure trove of quality unreleased music from Michael (with numerous collaborators). Perhaps within the family and inner circle there is some sort of special honor or pride issue associated with what songs are on the first posthumous MJ release. Whatever the case, as future years unfold I am hopeful that ALL of Michael’s great music is made available to his fans.

  15. If its true, then all The Jacksons, except Paris and Prince, should get out their hands of Michaels recordings and let professional musicians and producers produce and release the album.
    All the Jacksons (except Janet) are losers and failed in everything they have ever done…
    Its in their interest to keep MJs legacy on, and Sony´s too…, it means for all of them MONEY, for the world and fans its MJs legacy and never-ending status of being ICON!

  16. Just let them release the best album they possibly can. This is Michaels legacy which cant afford to a disapointing album becaus of bitterness within the family. It sounds like a joke that the T’s have a say anyway.

  17. MJ tetap di kenang di seluruh belahan bumi dan juga keluarganya terutama anak2nya dia adalah seorg Ayah yg penuh dgn kasih syg ……. MJ terlalu cpt untuk pergi…. tetapi kami akan terus berdoa untuk nya always………………………. you are not alone MJ Iam here white You forever just You I LOVE MICHAEL JACKSON I WANNA SEE YOU FOREVER ………………………………….

  18. saya sangat menyukai MJ karena suaranya merdu dan gerakan tubuhnya yg indah. bagi saya MJ adalah pahlawan bersuara emas…, saya sangat tidak percaya saat mendengar berita tentang kepergian sang raja pop. tapi setelah itu beredar kabar buruk yg mnyatakan bhwa MJ masih hidup dan tinggl di suatu tmpt ?????? ttapi sy meragukan hal itu, menurut sy org yg mnyebar kn berita itu hnya ingn mncari sensasi sja . semoga MJ selalu tenang di sisi Yang Maha Kuasa Amin………….

  19. If the music is good, release it! The 3Ts are just jealous cos their songs sucked.

    I don’t buy the bit about Katherine Jackson. Since when has music producers asked Katherine what should go on Michael’s album? Puh-leeze.

  20. Naw… try again Roger. Not buying that one. It stinks to high heaven. Someone is feeding you BULLSH!T. The Cascios really want the songs on this album so they can make millions….obviously.

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