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Re Mariah Carey‘s pregnancy: Listen to me, kids. Everyone has everything wrong.

Mariah does not know the sex of the baby. Yes, it’s a boy or a girl. But all the announcements you’ve read are wrong.

Tomorrow morning the intrepid Billy Bush will appear as a guest on the Today show and deliver the news that Ms. Carey is with child. (This will not be a colossal headline at this point, but good stuff.) Mariah, please tell Perez Hilton, will not be on the Today show.

Billy be promoting a three parter that starts tomorrow night on “Access Hollywood.” Mariah and husband Nick Cannon will discuss the whole deal with Billy. The interview was taped yesterday.

When is Mariah due? “In the spring” is all she’s saying. Does that mean March? Maybe. So she’s just now maybe four and a half months pregnant.

And I am told by the Inner Circle that all this stuff you’re reading about IVF and invitro and fertility stuff is simply made up and supposition. “It’s no true,” says a good source.

So Hello, Yahoo News, Google News, Bing and whatever. Let’s calm down. The internet is now flooded with junk on this subject.

And Mariah’s rep, Cindi Berger? That voice mail is full.

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  1. This would certainly explain why she pulled out of the Tyler Perry movie, because she had just gotten the word she was pregnant. I will be watching Extra tomorrow!

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