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“Mad Men” rolled to a close on Sunday night, but I was at a family wedding in San Juan, Puerto Rico (congrats to cousin Alan and his beautiful bride, Cristina). So now, back in the real world, I’ve plunked down my $2.99 on ITunes to see what happened to the last people I follow on TV.

Yes, the engagement of Don and secretary Megan is the shock of the episode. But it was so set up so well: the firing of Carla made it necessary for Don to bring her along. Dr. Faye was certainly not the right choice. And Megan won by proximity. She’s young (relative to Don, she’s 14 years his junior). She’s unfettered by life. Unlike Betty, she’s light as air. Will she make it down the aisle? I doubt Matthew Weiner totally knows the answer to that question, but my guess is: yes.

Will Don’s secrets affect her? Will Dr. Faye do something terrible and rat Don out? Weiner has left this as a sword of Damocles, which is a good idea. “The secret” remains Weiner’s only plot gimmick. Someone out there must lay in wait for Don Draper. Maybe it’s Faye. In the meantime, taking the kids to Anna Draper’s house was a brave, brave move that signaled Don was actually looking for closure.

Favorite scene: Peggy and Joan discussing Don’s plans, followed by Joan’s phone call to the husband. So she didn’t have the abortion. It’s Roger Sterling’s kid. Talk about laying out the next season. And Peggy: Elizabeth Moss will regain her Best Actress status with this season, and this episode was one of her best. Peggy and Don’s close relationship was solidified this year.

And then there’s Betty, firing Carla, acting crazy. She finally gets the big modern house in Rye, a step up from Ossining and closer to New York by miles. Henry does seem to be catching on, however. And the kids now love Megan.

“Tomorrowland” also had a couple of TV references. That odd looking model was named Carolyn Jones “like Morticia.” Also Megan’s friend had been on “Hogan’s Heroes.”

Best lines of the show: Roger to Don: “Did you get ‘cancer’?” and Henry Francis: “There are no fresh starts, Life just carries on.”

The episode ended with “I Got You Babe,” used maybe in its first ironic context. Don has Megan, Betty has the American dream, and none of it really works. The question is, where does Matt Weiner pick up the next season? Will he skip through the rest of 1965? The next really cool year is 1967– “Sgt. Pepper” and the world in turmoil. One more season after that could end after the Nixon election in November 1968. But for now, “Mad Men” stands alone as the best thing on TV, broadcast or cable.

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  1. Agree with you on everything except best line: Joan to Peggy (in best scene), “Whatever could be on your mind?” Had to replay that one a few times!

  2. Kevlar, they actually had Deborah Lacey (Carla) listed at the beginning of the show this time, as a “guest star,” along with the dude who plays Henry. This was a first time for her… too bad it looks like it will also be the last.

  3. Dr. Miller more than any other character was able and willing to read Don. And she risked alienating Don the perpetual refuge by handing him some truths about himself for him to either work with or continue running from and panicking over. Don deserves his arrogant treatment of her to blow up in his face. But she deserves to just forget him instantly.

    Don will cheat on Megan and want her to be a caretaker to his kids. Megan may turn into yet another embittered housewife.

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