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The official news is out that “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” is coming back to USA Network with its original stars.

Yes, I told you on September 5th in this very column that Vincent D’Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe were on their way back. It’s too funny to read it in what I now call “Deadline Yesterday.”

The show went back into production a week ago.

Anyway, so it is, as the stars were booted from the show a season ago and replaced with Jeff Goldblum. But Goldblum did one season on his own and abruptly quit. The world of Dick Wolf has never been an easy one, that’s for sure. But it’s good to have two “L&O” shows still operating in New York.

The loser in all this is Eric Bogosian, whose character was killed off preemptively. It’s not known if anyone else from that original cast will return. A source tells me, “They kind of want to start over.”

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  1. Por mi hasta Bogosian puede resucitar si quiere, tenerlos a todos seria un gran placer, pero la vuelta de GOREN es sensacionallllll!!!!! , ahora volvere a ver de nuevo la serie. Espero que se den cneunta que nos encanta la serie, y quermos muchas mas temporada, y vean que amamos a GOREN … .. : – )

  2. I am soooooooooooooo happy. Life is restored to normality. I love these guys. Surely they can get Bogossian back too! A storyline about how they faked his death?

  3. WOW, what a Birthday present…the return of Eames and Goren! Thanks be to THE GREAT CREATOR OF BEING! Law and Order:Criminal Intent, my all time favourite show!

  4. Dear Roger:
    Thank you, thank you, thank you! How great it will be to have Goren & Eames back! What a great team they are.

    Jim from Amsterdam, NY

  5. Got IT! Kathryn is a winner!!! Vincent and Kathryn, back on the screen, just the way we like it. Law & Order: Criminal Intent will rocket to justice!!! just the way we like it…. It’s a good news day, when the ‘right stuff’ detectives take back the their identities and show us how special they make the show! Yippee!!!

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