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You may wonder whatever happened to “Law & Order: Criminal Intent”?

It was this column that reported the scandal when stars Vincent D’Onofrio, Kathryn Erbe, and Eric Bogosian were all fired. Producer Dick Wolf was all set to make Jeff Goldblum the permanent star. He filmed one season with Goldblum and Saffron Burrows.

But then Jeff Goldblum quit. Surprise! He went back to movies and to theater. He’s currently appearing in London’s hit West End production of “The Prisoner of Second Avenue.” He has a small role in the current Jennifer Aniston movie, “The Switch.”

Meanwhile, the original “Law & Order” was cancelled, and Wolf started up “Law & Order Los Angeles,” or “LOLa,” as it’s known among insiders.

And “CI”? I’m told the new thinking is that D’Onofrio and Erbe will be asked back, if they haven’t been already. It’s impossible to bring back Bogosian because his character was killed off–unless it was all a dream. Maybe Bogosian, like Bobby Ewing, will return in a shower.

Even if D’Onofrio and Erbe return, sources say there is still no renewal from NBC and USA Studios. It could be NBC is waiting to see how their new shows pan out this fall before they send an order for episodes. Looking at their lineup, it would seem that “CI” should start shooting pretty soon.

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  1. I am still waiting for the writer of Law & Order series to wake up and bring Dinofrio and Erbe back!!!!! This was the best of the tree series. BRING IT BACK!!!! where do we send other letters to get them returned????

  2. Please bring Law & Order Criminal Intent with Dinofrio and Erbe — they were the show. Their characters were so unique. I have always watched the show since Lenny & McCo. Goran & Eames were the reason I watched the show. I never liked the SVU series. Pleas Bring Law & Order Criminal Intent Back with Dinofrio and Erbe I REALLY MISS THE SHOW!!!!!!! This series was the best

  3. So So glad to hear CI may be coming back. I ‘m still watching reruns, because I can’t believe their gone. The characters were perfect. I say good move to bring them back yeah!!!!!!

  4. There’s no CI without D’Onofrio and Erbe. We tried to tell NBC they were making really bad choices, but they don’t seem to listen to viewers – and see where that’s gotten them. Give us Goren!

  5. Val…[lol]
    VDO’s performance as Goren is the reason I loved the show also. Stellar; full stop! However, the writers trip into Goren’s “traumatic family drama” that lead to his mental unraveling was far too melodramatic for my taste. Not that VDO didn’t (or couldn’t) pull it off, no, but for me it was the implausibility of Goren’s unravreling. Or perhaps it’s more personal…perhaps I’d simply prefer not to see my strong, manly heroes have a meltdown.
    Aside from this, should L&O:CI return with VDO back, with all of his intellectual synapses firing, I shall not miss an episode! : )


  7. According to the papers over here, Goldblum’s play has not been a “hit” – it was panned!

    Glad to see you are your same reasonable, literate self, Jeannette.

  8. What is taking USA so long to let the fans of the ORIGINAL C.I. know what is going on? The least they can do is tell us if there is even a chance that Vince and Kate will return, even for a short season of eight shows. The show was fine with them, Goldbloom never fit in and without Vince there is no reason for the show to continue. If Vince isn’t coming back there is no point in holding out hope for a return, Goren and Eames were the show, USA made a terrible mistake and now look at the mess it’s in, USA/NBC and Wolf should be ashamed of what they did to this once fine show. Without Vince, just cancell it and put it out of it’s misery!

  9. D’Onofrio is the reason I quit watching the show. Couldn’t stand his humorless, brooding character plus he was an “expert” on every subject – as if. I would have loved to have had Chris Noth continue but alas, it was not to be. The other actors were pretty much like a bass player or drummer, easily replaceable.

  10. I seen & heard Mr D’Onofrio Back in April front row at the SFF If you Ever get a chance to Watch the Interview over and hour plus ! In his own words I coudlnt think of any reason to stay except the fans ” It was played out and and he had enough ! not fiered by far!!! Dick Wolf was shocked from day one when Mr. D’Onofrio took the part being he never wanted to be type cast.But he took the role knowing he pretty much could do what he wanted and got paid well also . But If anyone ever says ” LAW & ORDER CI ” who do you think of ? BINGO ! YES VDO .. HE MADE THE SHOW WAS THE SHOW AND WHEN HE LEFT THE SHOW DIED.. I feel bad for Jeff… to have to had tried to compeat with a following Like VDO impossible! HE KNEW IT TOO… They Show Should have been called ” LAW & ORDER JUST ONE MORE THING ” i FELT SO BAD AND DEVASTATED when he left the show but after I seen him and heard him talk .. It all made sense there was no fireing etc.. all the TV , blog , gossip was just that .. he left by Choice and is doing what ” HE WANTS TO DO ” plain and simple..Black & White ! If you would like to see ” Own ” this interveiw Call 941- 751- 6550 Ext 2192 and ask for Charles Clapsaddle. he is the station Manager A his Crew filmed the Sff Back in April When I was there and He had given me his card. and I Got a DVD copy of the whole interveiw .Tell him the Handcuff Lady Sent you…. I got mine free but there might be a small charge ?

  11. Bring back Dinofrio and Erbe — they made the show. The characters and their perspectives made the show. With so much reality garbage on the television, AND cancelling the original L & O, I have very little left to select. Please give me something to watch that has decent characters and lead stories. If I can’t have Lenny, McCoy and Schiff, I would hope they would bring back his other team worthy of 9 years of viewer loyalty.

  12. I think USA Network should replace “Law & Order: CI” with a “Law & Order: Miami”, something more sutable for the USA Network.

    Especially if no changes are to befall “CI”… it just needs canceling, even if D’Onofrio/Erbe or Chris Noth return, it won’t be the same.

    USA Network just let this show fail while innocent “Law & Order” (a still good quality drama) gets canceled by NBC (Nothing But Crap).

  13. i don’t know why they got rid of the original cast in the first place. they are the reason I watched. never could get into it with jeff goldblum as the star. nothing against him. i like him. just can’t beat the d’onofrio, erbe, bogosian combo. heck, really i just watched for d’onofrio. he has that columbo quality. just annoy the heck out of suspects til they’re so exasperated they’d rather go to prison than be questioned by him again. :-)

  14. FYI This is a very old new! This rumour circulated the net a month ago. I highly doubt it happens, and frankly, I hope don’t. Most of the fans already moved on. Don’t be fooled by USA/NBC executives.

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