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Last night (August 30th) at Madison Square Garden, there was some filming for a movie.

Ah yes, annoying little Justin Bieber, who’s the subject of a film about what’s under his bangs, was on stage making a 3D version of his tremendously exciting life.

A helpful spy sent me these two pics. One is of Justin with Jaden Smith, the son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. The other shows him with Usher.

Quick: which of these things is alike? Which is different? Discuss and explain.

There were about 500 people in the invited audience, I am told. Leave it to Bieber is having problems with his voice (d’oh!) such as it is, so the audience was given an explanation that these things will be taken care of later in the studio. Oh, I am sure they will.

From Leif Garrett to Bobby Sherman to Fabian, etc there have always been teen pop stars. Remember the Jonas Brothers? Or Hanson? (Note corrected spelling.) These are the acts for whom state fairs are produced. Let’s love the Bieb while we can. Five years from now, the lawsuits over money lost, etc. will make excellent stories.


Also, these pictures are Copyright 2010 c2010 Showbiz411.

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  1. Well, sir, you just opened yourself a box of worms, didn’t you?

    Hanson is still alive and kicking. I am sure you have read all the other comments before me, so I won’t continue the diatribe against you.

    However, as a fellow journalist, may I give you some advice? Know when to apologize and when to say “sorry, I DIDN’T do my research.” We are not asking you to like the band, but to recognize that they are not a “state fair” act. Give these men the recognition they deserve, as artists, as fathers and as businessmen.

    Not only would it stop these angry comments (and the pursuant boycotts of your blog) but it may even garner you a few new fans.

    a co-author of a fairly popular blog as well as a die-hard Fanson since 1996

  2. Hanson may not top the charts today like they did in ’97, but they were certainly no flash in the pan. If anything, the band should be commended for their success. Despite being on their own indie label, they still play sold out shows that get great reviews. The video for their new single went viral on YouTube and inspired flashmobs across the country. If you had researched what Hanson is doing today, you would know they actually have a huge fanbase.

    By comparing the future Justin Bieber to the current Hanson, you’re actually saying Justin Bieber will evolve musically and continue to be a success. I don’t think that’s the message you were trying to get across.

  3. HansEn? I don’t know HansEn!

    Just an FYI–HansOn is starting a (mainly) West Coast tour on September 14th.

    If your in the area, you should go check them out. Oh, and if you want a good view of the show, you may want to show up to the venue about 12 hours early.

    Us HansOn fans enjoy camping out for our shows.

    Pssh…so much for those HansEn guys!

  4. I am not here to defend what you’ve said about justin bieber or the jonas brother for that matter. My only disagreement I have with you is about HANSON. You have no idea how hard they have fought, not saying other artists dont fight just as hard, but they have worked their butts off. They left the record label they were signed to and made their own record label 3CG RECORDS.

    Their first solo produced record debut at #1 on the independant charts. As far as I’m concerned they are only getting more and more popular. AGAIN, and on their own!

    Maybe you should erase mmmbop from your mind. Maybe the rest of the world should too, everyone and their biased opinions of HANSON. Their music is phenominal, and their love for it, almost to a degree out weights the music itself.



  5. Once upon a time (13 years ago) us teeny boppers cried and screamed at anything (everything) Hanson, just like the teeny boppers do today with Bieber. Today, you really don’t see or hear much of the crying or screaming at anything (everything) Hanson. Why? Because we all matured 13 years down the road.

    “State fair produced.” Hanson? Dude, what are you smoking??? These 3 are far from “state fair.” You really want to see how far Hanson has come? Start researching from the beginning. That would be around 1992, if I’m not mistaking. Then continue to 1997 and work your way to 2003. What happens in 2003? The same thing that happens to every pop star… problems with the record labels. That’s usually when the pop stars fade into the musical galaxy.

    HOWEVER, Hanson didn’t fade into the galaxy. Nope, instead they launched their own label. Can you say the same for those “one hit wonders?” I couldn’t tell ya. That just shows you who the REAL musicians are. In case you don’t know, let me inform you. A musician is a person who performs (AND/) or writes music.

    Yeah both JB’s may play instruments, but do they always write their own songs? As far as charities, do you see them REALLY involved? Even though the radio stations suck for not playing Hanson and even though they may not be as popular as they were in ’97, they are STILL true musicians who do a lot more than these “commercial” musicians.

  6. Uhhh…i think your alittle immature to be picking on people on your age etc. Hanson doesn’t need this crap, but i guess you don’t have a life so what else can you do. Yeah if you didn’t figure that out, that was sacasim. P.S.- FU!, FU! :P

  7. I will not write a long rant, as many of my fellow Hanson fans have already expressed the main sentiments I am feeling toward you. They may have wrote with aggression, and without checking their own basic spelling, but I think the main point we all want to get across is that you maybe you should start researching your article subjects a little bit more thoroughly before you make any more of a fool of yourself.

    Thank you for your time.

  8. Dear Roger Friedman,

    I have never heard of you or your site before, Roger Friedman, but I think someone as hard-headed as even you, Roger Friedman, can see that bashing Hanson isn’t exactly helping your name, Roger Friedman. Not to mention, this comment was a waste of time. Plenty of other less-than-intelligent folks before you have made the same comments; it’s not about to change anyone’s mind and it’s lacking originality and substance.

    If it was easy to make a 1 letter change and add a side note, do the polite thing that might save your name, Roger Friedman, and remove Hanson from your little group.

  9. For future reference, don’t ever mention Hanson without checking your facts, or mentioning them in a “one hit wonder” type of way (sure they’re not getting as much radio play as they used to but they’re not working at your local walmart either), unless you want to be feasted on my a pack of rabid Hanson fans. The fans’ eratic behavior is completely justified though because not only are Hanson still making music, but they are making good music. The voices have matured, the hair has been chopped off, and they are doing quite well for themselves. I highly recomend you and anyone else who didn’t know Hanson was still around, go check out their new music, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  10. As others before me have posted, Hanson is still around and doing well – you could’ve found this out all on your own but I’m sure your inept journalism skills and love of – the Biebs? Is that what you said? – got in the way of this fact-finding sitch.

    The truth is, if people weren’t stuck in the 90s and turned away from the radio for a minute, they could discover REAL music by REAL bands that write, produce, mix, sing, perform, etc., all of their own stuff. Let me introduce you to Hanson, not a product of a big record company’s hunger for more $$. A quick search on youtube will provide you with all the material you’ll need to adjust your information accordingly. I suggest checking out their acapella version of ‘Change in my life’ or ‘Teach your Children’.

    Have fun getting your mind blown!
    xoxo – Brittany

    PS. You’re welcome! :)

  11. Teen pop stars are not all the same. The Beatles started their career being touted as “the fab four” and the “four cuddly moptops”. Their first audience was teen girls. At the same time, many very serious-seeming musicians are presently wishing they could land a gig at a state fair.

    I’m honestly not sure why so many journalists feel the need to try to disparage the success of the Justin Biebers of the world. Perhaps Bieber will fizzle, or perhaps he will be the next Beatles, or the next Michael Jackson. If he turns out to be the next Hanson, that won’t be such a bad thing for him either. Hanson are veterans in the music industry, and critically-lauded career musicians. More than a decade after their first hit, Hanson have a passionate audience ready to support them… and also ready to go to bat for them against a strident journalist. That’s not such a bad situation for a pop band to be in.

  12. Um… Jana, I fully agree with the motivation behind your comment, but, in defense of musicians not deserving of a bashing, none of the artists he mentioned were one hit wonders. Leif Garrett, Fabian, and Bobby Sherman all had at least two and unfortunately so have JB and JB(Jonas and Bieber… I just love that they have the same initials it shows how interchangeable they are). For that matter Hanson’s not a one hit wonder either. They haven’t been since “Where’s the Love” broke the top ten in ’97.

  13. Thank you for correcting the spelling of Hanson. I just wanted to let you know that Hanson isn’t like all of the other one hit wonders you mentioned. Hanson has worked so hard to keep producing their own music, which they have achieved at. They just put out a new album in June which has been successful. I think they deserve a better write up instead of being bashed when whoever wrote this doesn’t even have an update on the band.

  14. I know you have already had a lot of responses from disgruntled Hanson fans… But come on. Hanson has been scewed over by radio everywhere. It’s such a messed up business, with only a few people controlling what gets played. Hanson has been PLAYING their OWN instruments and WRITING their own songs since they started out singing accappella in 1992. They are promoting a new album that had a video on the VH1 top 20. They also are in the midst of a full North American tour with SOLD out shows. Get your facts right. Hey, thanks for getting HANSON’s name out there. Nice spelling change by the way.

  15. Mentioning Hanson in this article, spellled wrong or correctly, DOESNT matter. It should of never been brought up. Hanson has been making music for the past 18 years and they aren’t even close to being done, Yeah maybe we don’t hear about them as much as we hear about the Jonas Brothers or BIEBER, perhaps because Hanson are true Musicians and do not sell themselves out to companies. Jonas Brothers were very popular in a few years back but look at them now…. going down the hill and pretty fast. the only reason why we still hear about them is because they have a tv show and they have movies and books and whatever else they can get their name on. Hanson had the same option, didn’t take it because they are true their music career. Jonas brothers taking every option for getting their name on isnt working as planned either, so pretty much proving it doesnt help to sell themselves. Jonas brothers 10 years from now are probably not going to be around making music or movies, they are going to have a E! special about where are they now, unlike hanson so will be around for more years to come doing what they love, NOT what they can make money off of.

  16. I wish you ha never fixed your spelling error regarding “hansen,” because it really demonstrated your lack of knowledge about the band, what they’ve done, what they do, and their large and devoted fan base. In short, you don’t know what you’re talking about by lumping Hanson into a category that they never have and never will belong to. America needs a good lesson about what real music is, and what real musicians are. Rock and Roll is lost to the future generations of our lackluster excuse for a culture.

  17. You do realize that Hanson is still on the charts, right? State fairs aren’t produced for bands with videos on VH1 or albums on the Billboard 200 and full North American tours.

    Thanks for the shout out though.

  18. wow really? comparing justin beiber to HANSON?!
    Hanson is one of the greatest bands in the country. just the other day i heard them on my local radio station with their new song Thinking ’bout Somethin’. i also heard them on kidd kraddick (which is a hugely popular radio morning show) and kidd, who has much more of an ear for music than you, praised the guys for being one of the best acts in music. they’ve put out 5 albums and still sell out shows across the country. so the answer is YES. not only do i remember them but i listen to them on my top 40 radio station all the time as well; therefore, by suggesting that Hanson has come and gone has made you look like a completely ignorant person.

  19. I find this laughable. I thank you for the corrected spelling, but maybe you dont know anything about Hanson, considering you didnt even know how to spell it.

    13 years they have been touring and making music. Their 5th studio album was released in June (Shout it Out!) and have thousands of loyal fans. Shout it out is their 3rd release on their own independant record label 3CG.

    I would greatly appreciate it if you would do your homework before you throw a name out there. Just because you dont know of them now and dont listen to their music doesnt mean that the general public doesnt.

  20. Mr Friedman,

    wow just wow on this article. i cant even say much about it because im speechless on how you found it relivent to compare justin beieber to Hanson (witch btw you spelled wrong!) Hanson is a amazing band who are STILL making music and have a new album out as we speak. they have have a new video out right now thats been making its way on the vh1 top 20 countdown called “thinkin Bout’ Somethin” that pays homage to the Blues Brothers. Hanson have been touring for 3 years straight and are on tour right now and are starting their second leg of their Shout it Out tour (also the title of their new album) on Sep. 14th. Hanson are hard workers and run their own record label after leaving Island Def Jam called 3CG records in Tulsa. To even compare them to a singer who just got lucky and will be forgotten about in 5 years is just stupid. Hanson is a actual band that writes, plays, and produces their own music. NO one does that anymore. Everyone today is manfactured crap and Hanson is not and have stayed true to their musical roots and have a very loyal fan base thats been devoted to them for 13 years now. There is NOT a single person out there that will be able to that is 13 years time bc they will all be has beens and no one will give a rats ass about them by then. Hanson are also very charitable and have been for the 4 years now been hosting 1 mile barefoot walks to help raise money for the AIDS/HIV crises in Africa along with helping to get them clean water, medical care, education, and food. After each walk Hanson donates 1 dollar on the behalf of their fans to a cause of the fans choice. They also teamed up with Toms Shoes a company that donatea a pair of a shoes to a child in need. In 2007 Hanson traveled back to Africa an put 50,000 pairs of shoes on the feet of each child personaly. That to me shows they care about others and have morals when to comes to helping others. Hanson will be around for a LONG time to come and before you insult their music try listening to their new music before juding them on a song that was recored 13 years ago. Thank you.

  21. Hmm, yeah, HansEn. What are those HansEn boys doing now? Making very HansEn-ish music? Just being HansEn? Guess we’ll never know about those HansEn boys.
    Remember that group Hanson? They’re still around and doing well. Maybe HansEn could learn something from them.

  22. Friedman, if you EVER did your homework on things, once in a while you’d be right about something musical. Not very often, but once in a while…. TV and Movies, you do fine. But everytime you stray into music, you make an a$$ of yourself…

    Hanson (please note the CORRECT spelling) are still alive and kicking, and have a sold out tour or two every year. They play a number of the big “monster” tours as well. They have been one of the most critcally acclaimed bands for the past decade, with the Village VOice actually naming them “the face of american Indie rock” a few years ago. Their latest single “Thinkin’ ‘Bout Something”, has been on the VH1 Top 20 for nearly five months. Need I go on? No?

    Geez, do your research for once…

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